Overview of PP markets around the country on Novem

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Note: plastic v30g is reported at about 7300 yuan/ton; Z30S is short of goods, and the quotation is not much

Linyi PP market quotation this equipment has a high degree of automation, and the mainstream quotation of Zhongyuan T30S is about 6500 yuan/ton; Qingdao wire drawing in yuan/ton; CNPC T30S is about 6400 yuan/ton. The transaction is difficult, and the merchants are still bearish

the trend of Qilu Chemical City PP is weak, and the quotation of merchants has fallen sharply. The mainstream price of Qilu T30S with tickets is reported at 6500 yuan/ton, Qingdao T30S is reported as low as 6300 yuan/ton, and Qilu EPS30R is quoted at 6900 yuan/ton. The transaction is still difficult, and businesses continue to be bearish

today, the PP market in Nanjing continued to fall, and traders stepped up shipments and concluded a single deal; F401 has few resources, and the mainstream quotation has fallen to yuan/ton, s1004 quotation is yuan/ton, and T30S quotation is yuan/ton. The quotation of j340/k8003 in the copolymer market is RMB/ton

the PP market atmosphere in Shantou is bleak, and merchants offer very few prices, basically waiting for the buyer to make an offer. The spot price of Fulian T30S without tickets was reported at 6700 yuan/ton, but there was no transaction. Hainan z30s/t36f and other futures are quoted, but the merchants do not quote, waiting for a counter-offer. The trend is weak and continues to be bearish

the PP market around Yanshan is gloomy, and the supply of goods from merchants is small, but the quotations have been significantly reduced. PetroChina T30S merchants intend to offer 6500 yuan/ton for immovable goods, and PetroChina EPS30R middlemen offer 6900 yuan/ton. Yanshan k8303 offers 7200 yuan/ton. The transaction is difficult, and the price is still declining. Oil prices fell below 50, which further hit the mentality of businesses. At present, they are mainly on the sidelines and continue to be bearish in the future

PP in Hangzhou continued to fall after the announcement of this result today, and the transaction was light; Shaoxing/Zhenhai T30S mainstream quotation fell to yuan/ton, and Yangzi F401 goods understated yuan/ton; There are few resources for copolymer j340/k8003, and the quotation is yuan/ton

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