Overview of PP markets around the country on May 1

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On May 15, PP Market Overview everywhere

the quotation of PP market around Yanshan fluctuated slightly, but the mainstream price was mainly stable. Recently, the downstream demand is very weak, and the middlemen are not confident in the future market. Some still have the intention to push up, but the mainstream is mainly on the sidelines, and the material is released appropriately. At present, the local Yanshan wire drawing S1003 is basically out of stock, and the report of CNPC T30S is as high as 13800 yuan/ton. For special materials, k8303 is reported at about 14600 yuan/ton, and 4220 is reported at 14900 yuan/ton. Transparent material B48 adopts Ferrograph to separate wear particles and make Ferrograph. 08 is reported as 14300 yuan/ton. CNPC EPS30R reported as high as 14350 yuan/ton

the PP market in Shanghai was consolidated at a high level today, with traders' mentality stable, mainly shipping, and general market transactions. The quotation of local CNPC wire drawing is about yuan/ton, and there are not many resources. The quotation of EPS30R is about yuan/ton; The quotation of injection molding j701 is about 13800 yuan/ton

the PP market in Xiamen remained stable today, with few local resources. Fulian, PetroChina and Hainan T30S basically quoted 13800 yuan/ton, while individual dealers quoted slightly lower prices; The quotation of Daqing v30g is yuan/ton. The atmosphere of the transaction was acceptable

the PP market in Guangzhou remained stable, Maoming n-t30s maintained a quotation of 13750 yuan/ton, and Dalian, Daqing and Hainan T30S all quoted 13700 yuan/ton. Note in terms of plastics, Hainan and Daqing v30g are quoted at 13650 yuan/ton, Guangzhou s700 is short, and it is quoted at 13950 yuan/ton, and Lanzhou Z30S is quoted at 13650 yuan/ton. In terms of copolymers, Maoming EPC30R-H is quoted at 13950 yuan/ton, and Maoming EPS30R is quoted at 13900 yuan/ton

Shunde PP market remained stable today, with few overall resources of merchants. At present, the quotation is slightly chaotic. The mainstream quotation without tickets for nt30s is between yuan/ton, cjs700 is quoted yuan/ton, mphm160 is quoted yuan/ton, v30g is quoted 13050 yuan/ton, EPC30R-H is quoted 13300 yuan/ton, EPS30R is quoted 13300 yuan/ton, and j641 is quoted 13300 yuan/ton. The business mentality is stable and wait-and-see for the time being

there are not many drawing materials in Nanjing PP market, and the supply of copolymers is acceptable. Today, the high market price has stabilized. It is reported that the local Yangzi F401 transaction is about 14200 yuan/ton, and some traders' quotations are falsely high, making it difficult to conclude transactions; The transaction of copolymers is good, and the mainstream price of K8003 and j340 is about 14300 yuan/ton

at present, it is rumored that Sinopec still intends to raise prices in the later stage, and some middlemen say that the final target of Sinopec's ex factory is 14000 yuan/ton. Although this news was not confirmed, the intermediate growth rate fell from 10.4% in the previous 10 years to 6.3% in the next 10 years, which is still encouraged. T30S in Linyi area quoted about 13400 yuan/ton without tickets this morning. Merchants said that the market demand was flat, but there were not many resources

the high drawing price in the PP market in Tianjin is stable today, with little change. The price of local CNPC T30S is yuan/ton, and TIANLIAN material is slightly higher than 1375. The bolt performance grades are divided into more than 10 grades, such as 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9 yuan/ton. Due to the lack of resources, there are not many quotations for copolymers. Middlemen said that although the petrochemical price rose, it did not play a significant role in promoting the market. Recently, there was little downstream material, and the market transaction was slightly stagnant

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