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On November 27, PP Market Overview everywhere

the quotation of Tianjin PP market is still mostly flat today, and the shipment of traders is not much. The quotation of Tianjin United T30S is yuan/ton, the quotation of full range measurement without ticket sensor is 11450 yuan/ton, the quotation of Maoming T30S is 12100 yuan/ton, and the quotation of TIANLIAN EPS30R is 12800 yuan/ton. The quotation of CNPC wire drawing T30S is 12150 yuan/ton. Traders react that there are not many transactions in the PP market, and traders' mentality is wait-and-see

the inquiry atmosphere of Qilu Chemical City PP market today is acceptable, and the quotation has not changed much. Qilu wire drawing T30S is priced at yuan/ton, PetroChina T30S is priced at 12100 yuan/ton, Qilu copoly EPS30R is priced at 12900 yuan/ton, and Daqing EPS30R is priced at 12800 yuan/ton. Traders are generally optimistic about the future market. At present, the enthusiasm for shipping is OK

the PP market in Shanghai is generally stable today. The overall transaction atmosphere in the market is poor, and the demand is still weak. The current price is basically stable: PetroChina wire drawing is 12250 yuan/ton, Shanghai Petrochemical T300 goods are less than 12500 yuan/ton or slightly higher, SECCO wire S1003 supply is less, SECCO k7926 quotation is about 13200 yuan/ton, and Secco K8003 can arrive next week

the current price of Linyi PP market is basically stable, the market supply is not much, and the operation enthusiasm of all parties at the end of the month is not very high, so there is more wait-and-see. Today's market quotation is basically stable: the quotation of Zhongyuan T30S is about 11550 yuan/ton

the PP market around the Central Plains is slightly higher today, and the market supply is slightly scarce near the end of the month. The market search atmosphere is OK, and the low-cost supply basically does not exist. In terms of quotation: T30S, the price excluding tax is reported to be about yuan/ton, and the price including tax is 12100 yuan/ton or slightly higher

the atmosphere in Yuyao PP market today is basically stable, the overall mentality of traders is OK, and the transaction atmosphere is still general. Zhenhai wire drawing T30S has few sources of goods, and the price is yuan/ton. PetroChina wire drawing has few sources of goods. The price of Yangzi F401 is 12400 yuan/ton, the price of Yangzi j340 is 13200 yuan/ton, and the price of Yangzi K8003 is 13200 yuan/ton

the PP market in Shantou rose slightly today. The overall supply of goods in the market was small, and the overall transaction remained average. The quotation rose slightly, and the mentality was OK: the quotation of CNPC T30S was 11850 yuan/ton, the quotation of Hainan wire drawing was about yuan/ton, and the quotation of Daqing v30g was 12000 yuan/ton; There are few transactions in copolymerization, and the quotation is stable

Shunde's PP price has risen, and there are a little more copolymerization inventory. Recently, there is a lot of bullish mentality, and the drawing price has risen, and the demand has improved slightly. Maoming T30S rose 50 to 11850 yuan/ton, cjs700 rose 50 to yuan/ton, and EPC30R-H rose 50 to yuan/ton

the PP market situation in Quanzhou is basically stable, and the market mentality is slightly bullish. The consumption objects in the local market are mainly homopolymer products: the quotation of Fujian drawing T30S is 12650 yuan/ton, that of Hainan drawing is yuan/ton, that of PetroChina drawing is yuan/ton, that of Hainan injection molding v30g is scarce, that of PetroChina injection molding is 12800 yuan/ton, and that of Hainan fiber Z30S is 13000 yuan/ton

the inquiry atmosphere in Beijing PP market today is OK, the atmosphere is warmer, and the quotation is stable. We should not only actively encourage new material enterprises to apply for the governor's quality award, Shandong famous brand products to vigorously promote the development of new energy vehicles. The quotation of copolymerization k8303 is about 13000 yuan/ton, the supply is not much, and the quotation of injection molding K1008 is 12100 yuan/ton, the supply volume is OK, and the demand is light. The quotation of wire drawing S1003 is 12100 yuan/ton, and the shipment is not much. The quotation of injection molding v30g is 12050 yuan/ton. PetroChina copolymerization EPS30R has few sources of goods, and the quotation is 12900 yuan/ton. There are not many sources of goods. The bricks of Daqing wire drawing T30S with the quotation of 1213.5.1 Mu15, mu20, mu25 can be used in foundations and other buildings; Mu10 bricks can only be used in buildings above the damp proof course. 00 yuan/ton

the current price of PP market in Nanjing is basically stable, the overall supply of goods in the market is general, the market atmosphere is acceptable, the market mentality is stable, and there is no lack of optimism for the future market. Today's offer: F401 upside down shipment is no longer reported in yuan/ton; J340 is about 12800 yuan/ton; K8003 is basically out of stock

the performance of Xiamen PP market today is basically stable, the overall supply of goods in the market is not much, and the market mentality has slightly improved, but the factory demand is unable to receive goods, and the market turnover is difficult to improve. Current price: the current price of CNPC wire drawing is about 12450 yuan/ton; The quotation of Maoming wire drawing T30S is 12500 yuan/ton

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