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On October 13, PP Market Overview in various places

the PP market in Shantou continued to decline, and the atmosphere was extremely bleak. At present, merchants are mainly delisting and waiting, and the quotation is very few. Hainan T30S was delivered at 9500 yuan/ton without a ticket, and Hainan v30g was delivered at 9500 yuan/ton without a ticket. The business mentality is on the verge of collapse and has no hope for the future market

the PP market in Guangzhou continued to decline. At present, there are few local quotations, and the mentality of merchants is almost collapsed. Maoming n-t30s quotes 10200 yuan/ton, and Dalian, Daqing and Hainan T30S quotes 10100 yuan/ton. Note in terms of plastics, Daqing and Hainan v30g quote about 0500 yuan/ton, Guangzhou cjs700 quote 10600 yuan/ton, and Maoming 160 quote 10500 yuan/ton. For copolymers, the quotation of Guangzhou j641 is 11500 yuan/ton, and that of Maoming EPS30R is 11500 yuan/ton

over the weekend, the oil price fell sharply, the market fell miserably, the PP market price in Hangzhou fell sharply, and the middlemen withdrew from the market to wait and see. The quotation of Zhenhai/Shaoxing T30S was yuan/ton, and the quotation of Yangzi F401 was yuan/ton. The deal was negotiated; The mainstream quotation of copolymer j340 is yuan/ton

stimulated by the recent downturn and the price of crude oil, the quotation of middlemen has fallen continuously, but the falling price has a poor effect on the transaction promotion of servo valves, seals and other key purchased parts, which are famous brand products of international and domestic similar products. Merchants said that the scarcity of downstream orders is the main reason for the weak transaction, which has little to do with the price. Faced with the current situation, middlemen are very pessimistic. Small and medium-sized traders are basically delisted. Large agents offer very low prices for materials. It is said that some T30S are about 10000 yuan/ton

the PP market in Xiamen fell miserably. At present, the market price is chaotic, and the buyers remain on the sidelines and do not accept the goods. There is no support at any price. At present, the local T30S in Dalian is reported at 9800 yuan/ton. There are not many T30S resources in Fujian, and the transaction is mostly a single negotiation

today, PP market in Taizhou is divided into sudden cold and slow cold markets. The quotation continues to fall sharply, and the transaction is bleak. The mainstream quotation of Qingdao/Changsheng/Zhenhai T30S has fallen to about yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is still preferential; The mainstream quotation of v30g is RMB/ton; Z30S is out of stock, and the quotation is not much

oil prices continue to plummet; The PP market price in Nanjing fell sharply, and traders continued to sell at low prices, with few purchases and poor trading; Today, the quotation of F401 fell to yuan/ton. Most diaphragm products in the 30s market of T imitation human promotion mechanism are often coextruded through the film blowing production line, and the quotation is about 10000 yuan/ton; A single deal; The copolymer market continued to decline, with the quotation of j340 falling to yuan/ton and K8003 reporting 10800 yuan/ton

as crude oil fell below $80 and downstream demand was extremely weak, PP middlemen in Shandong were very pessimistic about the future market and were still trying to release materials, but the effect was very poor. It is said that at present, middlemen are confused about how to quote. Most people say that if they buy goods, the price is easy to negotiate. Some T30S intend to offer about 10300 yuan/ton. The price of powder fell faster

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