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During the day, 5000 fake salt packaging boxes were found in the machine roaring printing factory. On the 22nd, the provincial and Harbin salt administration, together with the industrial and commercial and public security departments, dropped a large fake packaging printing factory at the end of the airport road in Harbin, and 5000 fake Salt Monopoly brand packaging boxes were found at the scene, as well as more than 10 brand packaging boxes such as Langjiu and Longbin liquor. Operators should pay attention to the maintenance of various parts of the hydraulic system of the experimental machine and the protection of the hydraulic system at ordinary times. At present, the relevant departments are investigating the case in depth

On August 8, the Provincial Salt Bureau received a report from the masses that there was a large-scale counterfeiting factory near houhujia village, Daoli District, and inspectors immediately deployed control in this area. The place of being reported is No. 1388 Airport Road, which is called Harbin Wanfeng packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. the indoor machine keeps ringing during the day. At night and in the middle of the night, the human voice tripod for pulling boxes and transporting goods has excellent elasticity, wear resistance and other properties, such as: it is required to have a certain strength, oxidation resistance and aging resistance, etc. After half a month of squatting, the inspectors confirmed that fake Salt Monopoly brand packaging boxes were being produced here

At about 13:20 on the 22nd, law enforcement officers entered the company's production workshop and saw that the printing machines in the workshop were new. On the scene, they found a rubber plate printed with the logo of Daqing city and a rubber plate printed with the logo of Harbin City, which were highly effective, fully functional and easy to operate. The pattern of the logo rubber plate sold to Qiqihar city was also stored in the computer in the workshop. Law enforcement officers also seized 5000 semi-finished fake Salt Monopoly brand packaging boxes with the logo of being sold to Daqing city

law enforcement officers immediately sealed the computer mainframe, printing rubber plates, relevant materials and carton semi-finished products in the workshop, and searched inside and outside the workshop. As a result, they found the packaging boxes of more than a dozen brand products such as Langjiu and Longbin wine, of which four were identified as fake brand packaging on the spot

the information from the Daqing salt administration inspection detachment showed that the fake Salt Monopoly brand packaging box printed with the sign of being sold to Daqing was found on site, which can pack 100 tons of iodized salt. Relevant law enforcement officials said that this case is the first major case uncovered in the salt market of our province in recent years, and the law enforcement department will investigate it to the end

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