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Five years ago, the head of Hongyan Electric Appliance stepped into the Shangri La auditorium in Hangzhou and put forward the concept of "intelligent lighting" for the first time. Five years later, Wang Micheng revisited his hometown, and his excitement was beyond expression. Yesterday, Hongyan Electric and Zhongwei optoelectronics reached a strategic cooperation of "machine replacement" here

in Wang Micheng's mind, the "smart factory" created this time means that Hongyan is really on the road to actively promote the upgrading by using existing policy channels

from the LED era to the era of intelligent lighting

Wang Micheng's o2o2o plan

for domestic led enterprises, the past few years have actually been countless nights that are difficult to illuminate. Hundreds of large and small led enterprises are in trouble, and even closed down one after another. As the helmsman of Hongyan, a state-owned enterprise, Wang Yicheng proposed that instead of joining the market price war, he should first practice his internal skills and upgrade products

Wang Micheng, who was born in the Chinese Department, was the first person in the industry to put forward the concept of "intelligent lighting". Nowadays, intelligent lighting has become a hot word in the industry. This small enterprise, which used to be a switch panel, also has four product groups: Electrical Engineering, lighting appliances, intelligent electrical, and water and electricity pipelines. It has been upgraded to provide integrated solutions for electrical connections and building electrical control systems, and has become a leader in the integrated supply of the industry in the fields of LED intelligent lighting, smart home and so on

"at that time, transformation and upgrading was a buzzword, but how? How? I think the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries should return to the basis of products." Wang Yicheng said that the purpose of product innovation is to meet the needs of users and guide users with technology. Five years ago, Hongyan first transformed and upgraded its layout, jumping from the "led era" to the "intelligent lighting era", and even smart home

Hongyan adopts the integrated wiring technology combined with wired and wireless to provide a complete set of intelligent solutions for the living environment, so as to realize the control of lighting, music, security, and even air quality. Even thousands of miles away from home, you can also remotely control your own door locks, air conditioners, doors and windows, TVs, lights and other facilities. From January to September this year, the revenue of Hongyan LED lighting increased by 81%, driving the company's revenue to maintain a double-digit growth

when traditional industries encounter "Internet +", business models are also innovated. Not long ago, Wang Yicheng released the o2o2o plan for smart home, that is, offline experience, online order, offline service mode. Rely on online e-commerce platforms to carry out Internet marketing. Establish an offline experience center for smart home, and rely on local services to improve customer experience

after the production line with 30 people, there will only be 4-5 people

machine replacement to improve competitiveness

"the strategy of machine replacement has been brewing in my heart for oneortwo years." According to Wang Yicheng, the lighting workshop of Hongyan Electric Appliance now has a total of 8 production lines. If "fire power is fully turned on", each production line can produce 300000 LED light source level products on average every month. Each production line needs to be equipped with 30 workers. Although the average monthly salary of Hongyan workers can reach 4000~5000 yuan, seasonal recruitment difficulties still occur from time to time. How to use these different materials in cars requires us to have a good understanding of the materials, especially before the Spring Festival and after the summer vacation, "labor shortage" is the most serious

according to the agreement reached yesterday, Hongyan company plans to invest no less than 50million yuan in three years to carry out the automation and intelligent transformation of production lines and assembly lines and the construction of new intelligent factories. "As the company further expands its production capacity and orders increase rapidly, the difficulty of recruitment and high labor costs have become a major obstacle to development." Wang Micheng said

according to the master plan of "machine replacement" of Hongyan Electric Appliance, the current lighting production line will be automated in order to ensure that all links are operated in place. Each upgraded production line can achieve the production capacity of 600000 LED bulb lamps per month (22 hours per day), and only four or five workers are needed to complete such production capacity, mainly based on the consideration of cooperation with toda

"the overall cost is reduced by 20%, and the efficiency is improved by 30% - 50% Wang Yicheng said, "Hongyan should not only produce intelligent products and solutions, but also realize the intellectualization of the production process, so as to seize the commanding height of the competition."

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