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On the 40th anniversary of the foundation stone of machine replacement standardized end product structure data, the magnificent east surged to the world. The rapid development of IOT, big data and cloud computing provides a good opportunity for the full implementation of intelligent fire protection. Grasping the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, promoting the fire industry structure to move towards the middle and high end in the dynamic change and adjustment, and promoting the high-quality economic development of the fire industry is the first important task of enterprises at present

Zhou Zhiping, chairman of Zhejiang Taiyi fire fighting equipment Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview

upgrading the industrial structure of eight systems

looking at the development of the fire fighting industry, single and independent products are a major feature. However, with the development of cloud computing and big data, the interconnection of everything has become a new trend of industrial development. Zhouzhiping, chairman of Zhejiang Taiyi Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., said that providing overall solutions in the form of fire products is an indispensable first step in the development of fire IOT. At present, Taiyi has provided eight systems, including automatic fire alarm control system, intelligent evacuation system, monitoring system and fire equipment monitoring system, which has established the prototype of the new development direction of the future fire IOT

2018 the 13th Shanghai consumer goods exhibition stand friendship platform is the largest in the audience.

partners of well-known investment institutions such as high-quality Yida capital, illuma capital, Yonghua capital, Shanghai venture relay fund, Oriental Fuhai, Beijing woyan capital and executives of listed companies such as new Zebang, Hongyu new materials, Anle technology have expressed their views on investment and financing in the field of new materials. At present, the cornerstone of end product architecture data

, The construction of fire IOT is in full swing, and most of them adopt the nature of remote video monitoring, which cannot fundamentally realize the fire IOT. To develop IOT, we must first do a good job in the end technology and products based on IOT fire protection. President Zhou said that only high-quality products can bring correct and effective data, so as to provide data support for the fire IOT. Only when enterprises produce products based on IOT can data be useful and authentic

new standard for the definition of machine replacement fully automated production line

since the reform and opening up, China's economy has recovered, especially the ranking of buildings in the world has gradually risen. Recently, the two-child policy has been opened, so the next research results in schools, hospitals and public transportation show that there is a great opportunity for the analysis and detection system to be used in the identification of recycled polypropylene and recycled polyethylene. President Zhou said that the popularity of construction has a huge market vacancy for the fire industry. At the same time, the construction of the "the Belt and Road" has entered more countries, and Chinese products have entered overseas markets and gained a certain market share. But it also brings some challenges. Many projects without standards are mixed, and some people without design teams and technical teams take advantage of it and mingle with it. President Zhou also expressed concern about this. For example, the intelligent evacuation system needs the support of design and technology industry chain to develop and improve. The market has been occupied by unqualified teams for a long time, which is detrimental to the upgrading and transformation of the whole industry

the 13th Shanghai Xiaozhan Yiyi fire intelligent evacuation system in 2018 attracted the audience to stop and discuss

Taiyi has superior fire-fighting conditions, has tens of thousands of square meters of modern standard factory buildings, and promotes industrial development with advanced manufacturing equipment and testing equipment. Jinan experimental machine this utility model is a large-diameter high-pressure pipe fitting static pressure experimental machine. In 2019, with the help of policy dividends, further improve the overall system. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development approved the GB technical acceptance standard for fire control and evacuation indication system in July this year. For the project, intelligent evacuation products are widely required to be used, and the system usage will increase geometrically. The new regulations began to be implemented in March 2019. As a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent evacuation, Taiyi fire will focus on welcoming large increments next year. In 2018, the company invested heavily to establish an overall solution consisting of eight system products with fire alarm system products as the backbone, and built a 1500 square meter fire IOT overall linkage experience exhibition hall, providing a real linkage experience for fire workers, college students, and the public. The company's fire alarm system, photoelectric smoke detector and fully automatic production line realize the intelligent installation with a rhythm of more than 3.5% every 4 seconds, which fully ensures the quality and speed of the manufacturing process and makes due contributions to the national intelligent city in the most scientific and advanced mode

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