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"Machine replacement" helps the high-quality development of Chun'an tea industry

tea garden monorail conveyor, riding deep plough fertilizer applicator, tillage management machine, self-propelled double-sided trimmer, unmanned plant protection machine... On November 13, at the on-site meeting of "machine replacement" of tea industry in Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province, tea business entities and township leaders in charge, tea workers, agricultural machinery workers who came to visit and exchange, The scene felt many dividends brought by the "machine replacement" to the transformation and development of the tea industry

the tea industry is the leading agricultural industry with the most traditional advantages in Chun'an, and it is also an industry for enriching the people with agricultural efficiency and the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine power, displacement and deformation control. As the structural shortage of rural labor continues to appear, our county, guided by green development, has accelerated the establishment of a provincial tea industry "machine replacement" Demonstration County, and focused on solving the problems of "inorganic availability" and "organic difficulty", providing a strong driving force for the high-quality development of Chun'an tea industry

traditional equipment upgrading

"we have introduced new equipment from the three advantageous links of tea processing, pruning and bulk tea picking, and the mechanization rate of famous and high-quality tea processing and tea pruning has reached 100%" the staff of the county agricultural machinery management station said that with the promotion of the establishment of the "machine replacement" demonstration county of our county's tea industry, the traditional advantageous equipment is being upgraded to a high quality and high level, which greatly improves the tea production efficiency

according to it, what it chooses is our impact experimental machine solution. At present, although the control mode is relatively simple, the county has 39664 tea production machines, including 3160 tea farming machines, 4228 pruning machines, 153 bulk tea picking machines, 31059 tea processing machines, and 27 automatic tea leaf processing lines

precise power generation, dilapidated problem

"this is called 'mountain high-speed rail', the latest Yamaha engine, which can carry more than 200 kg at a time, and it is very convenient to transport fertilizers and agricultural products." the staff of the on-site machinery company demonstrated the mountain monorail conveyor, which attracted many large tea leaf households to consult

most of the tea gardens in our county are mountain tea gardens facing the domestic and foreign markets of Chinalco. Most of the fertilizers, tea seedlings and transportation of picking green leaves also rely on labor, which greatly restricts the development of the industry. In recent years, our county has vigorously promoted the application of mountain monorail transportation machinery, given priority subsidies, and appropriately increased subsidies. At present, the county has 42 mountain monorail transporters, with 28 newly installed in 2019, which greatly improves the production efficiency of tea production and transportation

the level of socialized services has been improved

up to now, the county's tea gardens have implemented more than 10000 mu of air defense, all undertaken by Hangzhou supply and marketing Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd., and the prevention and control effect has been recognized. The plant protection technology consultation, plant protection flying prevention operation, soil testing and formula fertilization operation, agricultural plant protection machinery leasing and other businesses provided by the introduced Hangzhou Qiandao Lake species Anya Agricultural Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd. are welcomed by the majority of farmers

in 2019, focusing on the main body of agricultural socialized services, our county will continue to strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the allocation of agricultural machinery and tools, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive service capacity. The newly established agricultural machinery comprehensive service center in Chun'an County, located in sunjiafan village, Dashu Town, provides agricultural machinery maintenance, agricultural machinery sales, agricultural machinery operation, agricultural technology consulting and other services, which can meet the agricultural machinery service needs of Dashu town and surrounding towns such as Lishang and Fengshuling

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