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Application of anbangxin anbangxin frequency converter on the spindle of CNC machine tool

1 Introduction

digital control machine tools, referred to as numerical control machine tools (NC), are mechatronics products that have been comprehensively applied over the past three decades, integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics, information and other technologies. They have the advantages of high precision, high efficiency, high automation and high flexibility in mechanical manufacturing equipment. This paper mainly introduces the advantages of anbangxin G9 series inverter in CNC machine tools

2. Introduction to CNC machine tools

the technical level of CNC machine tools and their percentage in the output and total ownership of metal cutting machine tools are one of the important symbols to measure the national economic development and the overall level of industrial manufacturing of a country. CNC lathe is one of the main varieties of CNC machine tools, It is in CNC "In hindsight, machine tools occupy a very important position. For decades, they have been widely valued by countries all over the world and have developed rapidly. The spindle is an important part of the lathe composition, which plays a very important role in improving processing efficiency, expanding the range of processing materials, and improving processing quality. Most economic CNC lathes cannot change speed automatically. When you need to change speed, you can only stop the machine tool and then manually Variable speed. The main transmission system of full-function CNC lathe mostly adopts stepless speed change. CVT system mainly includes servo spindle system and DC spindle system. DC or AC spindle motor is generally used. Drive the main shaft to rotate through belt drive, or drive the main shaft to rotate through belt drive and reduction gear in the main shaft box (to obtain greater torque). Due to the wide speed regulation range of the spindle motor and stepless speed regulation, the structure of the spindle box is greatly simplified

3. Main parameters of CNC lathe and functional requirements for frequency converter

main parameters and performance indicators:

1) 3.0kw CNC lathe

motor parameters: rated power: 3.0kw, rated frequency: 50Hz, rated voltage: 380V, rated current: 7.8A, Rated speed: 970r/min

mechanical transmission ratio: 1:1.5

processing materials: 45 # steel

actual test performance indicators: spindle speed: 200r/min (frequency converter running frequency about 15Hz) feed performance and speed

2) 5.5kW CNC lathe

motor parameters: rated power: 5.5kW, rated frequency: 50Hz, rated voltage: 380V, rated current: 13a, Rated speed: 1400r/min

mechanical transmission ratio: 1:1.5

processing materials: 45 a few years ago, Chinese enterprises collectively went overseas to acquire iron ore # steel

actual test performance indicators: spindle speed: 200r/min (frequency converter operating frequency 9 ~ 10Hz) and spindle speed: 450r/min (frequency converter operating frequency about 22Hz) feed performance and speed

4. G9 series inverter

G9 series inverter adopts advanced magnetic flux control technology, At low speed, the motor has large torque, high speed accuracy, reasonable price and complete functions. It has the functions of instant power failure processing and speed tracking and restart to ensure the continuous operation mechanism of the system to ensure that the motor operates at the highest efficiency. Therefore, using G9 high-performance frequency converter to replace the Spindle AC servo system is the best choice in the machine tool industry. As shown in the figure below:

1). Introduction to the characteristics of G9 frequency converter

small size, belongs to mini products, and takes up less space in the control cabinet

the control mode is sine wave SPWM, and the control performance is greatly improved compared with the previous VF control mode, especially in terms of low-speed torque to meet the needs of machine tool spindle, and the starting torque can reach more than 100% at 5Hz

the carrier frequency range is 0 ~ 16KHz, which reduces the electromagnetic noise of the motor

provide standard 0 ~ 10V analog interface, which is compatible with most CNC system interfaces and has strong versatility

strong overload capacity, more than 150% of the rated output current for more than one minute

provide multi-functional output terminal signals, such as abnormal signals, running signals, speed arrival signals, fault indications, to meet the system's monitoring of spindle speed status

automatic torque compensation to meet the processing requirements of the machine tool spindle at low speed

2). Debugging environment, wiring and debugging methods

the customer's optional motor is 3.0kw/50hz/380v, the refinishing frequency converter model is amb-gr7-t3b, and the braking resistance is 400 watts/150 ohms

the vs/gnd terminal of the frequency converter provides the speed analog quantity of the NC system. Vs is connected to the positive signal of the analog quantity interface of the NC system, and GND is connected to the negative signal. The signal is 0 ~ 10V analog voltage signal, which controls the spindle speed. S1/s2/com is the forward/reverse signal terminal of the frequency converter. Usually, the numerical control system sends forward or reverse signals to drive the intermediate relay. The normally open contact of the intermediate relay is connected to the frequency converter s1/s2/com to control the forward and reverse of the frequency converter. The parameter settings are as follows:

1) F005 and f006 are acceleration time and deceleration time. According to the customer's requirements, f001=5s, f002=1s

2) f030 and F031 are set according to the motor nameplate, f010=9a, f031=1

3) F012 upper limit operation frequency selection corresponds to the output frequency of the frequency converter when the analog signal 10V input is expected to be officially put into operation in the first half of this year. Since the speed regulation is within the range of 0 ~ 2000rpm, after taking the mechanical reduction ratio into account, this parameter needs to be set to 66. 7Hz;

4) F002 parameter is set for operation signal and frequency source, and is set for external terminal signal control (3)

3). Debugging results

the spindle motor is driven by G9 high-performance frequency converter, which meets the processing requirements and extends the service life of the tool. Due to the leading magnetic flux algorithm, it can output 100% torque smoothly even at low speed (low frequency) to meet the processing needs of different parts. It can completely replace the traditional rolling bearing spindle structure, and the spindle structure is simple and compact, which can realize real stepless speed regulation. The speed of this spindle is controlled by external analog signals. Different speeds are required in different processing processes (such as rough machining, finishing machining, etc.). At this time, different analog voltage signals can be output by the CNC system to the frequency converter to achieve different speeds. At the same time, the start and stop signals are also controlled by the CNC system to improve the degree of automation

5. Conclusion

the general AC servo system of NC machine tool spindle, imported brand vector control frequency converter and special motor for frequency conversion, the purchase cost is very high

anbangxin G9 series inverter, with its unique performance and superior cost performance, has risen rapidly in the application of numerical control machine tools

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