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"Machine replacement" is unstoppable, and agricultural machinery subsidies help the industry move forward

at the recent agricultural machinery circulation working conference of China Agricultural machinery circulation association, such as "123.456mmm", Li Weiguo, director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Management of the Ministry of agriculture, pointed out that China's agricultural mechanization has been growing at a high speed for more than a decade, and the return is a normal phenomenon. The automatic high-speed return of the movable beam of agricultural production mechanization to its original position is unstoppable, Only the pace slows down

as the performance problem of the battery diaphragm is also more prominent, the agricultural production structure has changed, and the demand for agricultural machinery in large-scale production is increasing. The pace of "machine replacement" has accelerated. Agricultural mechanization has not only significantly improved the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, promoted the increase of grain production and farmers' income, and promoted the development of agricultural scale management, but also achieved the benefits of seed, water, fertilizer, and medicine conservation The technology integration, resource conservation and ecological effects brought by labor saving and the promotion of new environmental protection technologies have also made positive contributions to the sustainable development of agriculture

in recent years, China has vigorously introduced various subsidy policies to stimulate farmers' enthusiasm for production, increase the popularity of agricultural mechanization throughout the country and achieved remarkable results. Since this year, the agricultural department has actively implemented the opinions on further promoting the development of agricultural products processing industry issued by the general office of the State Council, and taken a number of measures to promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural products processing industry. According to statistics, by the end of June, the agricultural products processing industry had increased by more than 9%, continuing a steady and positive trend

agricultural machinery purchase subsidy is a policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting agriculture. All provinces and regions have implemented the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy in succession. In order to improve the comprehensive level of agricultural mechanization, speed up the process of Agricultural Mechanization in essence, and promote the stable development of agriculture, it has played an important role in promoting the continuous increase of farmers' income

modern agriculture depends on science and technology, and science and technology to the field depends on agricultural machinery. At present, the state vigorously promotes the agricultural supply side reform, accelerates the transformation and upgrading of industrial manufacturing, and the development of agricultural mechanization, which directly accelerates the large-scale and standardized application of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, and improves labor productivity, land output rate, and resource utilization rate. In my opinion, large-scale, specialized, customized, efficient and other products will drive China's agricultural machinery into another realm. There is no need to be depressed about the decline of the market, and the new dividends will certainly help the rise of the agricultural machinery industry

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