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"Machine replacement" is becoming a trend: feel the power of agricultural supply side reform at the "agricultural Olympics"

Xinhua news agency, Xi'an, November 7 (Xinhua) -- the "machine replacement" is becoming a trend: feel the power of agricultural supply side reform at the "agricultural Olympics"

Xinhua news agency, Chen Chen Chen and Yao Youming

rely on Beidou navigation to realize agricultural machine driverless, which can work 24 hours a day; Using app to control the integrated drip irrigation facilities of water and fertilizer, farmers can "work in the field" sitting at home...

in the interview at the 25th China Yangling Agricultural High Tech Expo, known as the "agricultural Olympics", we learned that with the continuous deepening of the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, China's agricultural production mode is accelerating the transformation to mechanized production. The emergence of a number of automated and intelligent agricultural machinery has gradually made "machine replacement" a trend in the agricultural field

On the 6th, Wang Chengxue, chairman of Chengxue agricultural machinery professional cooperative in Linyi County, Shanxi Province, came to Yangling for the third time. He had attended the agricultural high school meeting twice before, and was deeply shocked by the on-site operation of the corn no tillage subsoiling full layer fertilization sophisticated seeder. After returning, he immediately contacted the manufacturer to buy agricultural machinery and set up a cooperative. Over the past two years, the cooperative has driven more than 60 households to increase their per capita income by 30%, with an annual per capita income of more than 10000 yuan

"the no till planter does not need to turn over the soil manually, which saves a lot of labor costs, and it can also realize precise fertilization, so that the corn is not easy to collapse." Wang Cheng said that when he came to Yangling this time, he saw many upgraded versions of agricultural machinery, which was a worthwhile trip

in recent days, in the agricultural machinery exhibition area of the agricultural high-level meeting, many modern agriculture 5. Regularly check the transmission of the sprocket, and the machinery is surrounded by farmers from south to north. A Beidou navigation agricultural machine auto drive system is quite interesting. This equipment, developed by a company founded by several professors of Harbin University of technology, is composed of satellite receiving antenna, Beidou high-precision satellite positioning and navigation terminal, driving controller, angle sensor and other parts. It is installed on the agricultural machine, which can automatically complete ridge forming, sowing, spraying, harvesting and other farmland operations according to the set route

Shi Yunxiang, a staff member of the company, said that the auto drive system can realize 24-hour all-weather operation, liberate the driver, and change the "less weight and no leakage" during manual operation into an automatic "no weight and no leakage" operation, which improves the operation efficiency. At present, this system has been widely used in Heilongjiang, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia

farmers' desire for "machine replacement" has been met, print "Sustainable development is an important part of our innovation work, which proves the effectiveness of China's agricultural supply side structural reform. At the international agricultural machinery equipment and New Technology Summit Forum of this agricultural high-level meeting, Li Anning, deputy director of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Management of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, said that at present, China's total power of agricultural machinery is nearly 1billion kW, and the average power of planting industry per mu is 0.41 kW, exceeding the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries. China can produce 40 of 14 major categories and 50 sub categories More than 200 kinds of products have become a major agricultural machinery production country in the world. The breadth and depth of agricultural mechanization are undergoing profound changes, transforming and upgrading to the whole process, comprehensive, high-quality and efficient

"the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvest in China has exceeded 67%. China's agricultural production has shifted from mainly relying on human resources to mainly relying on mechanical power in recent years, and agricultural mechanization has entered a new period of leading agricultural production." Li Anning said. With the accelerated transfer of rural labor force and the rising labor cost of agricultural production, the "machine replacement" that can stabilize production, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase benefits has gradually become a trend

"machine replacement" is also reflected in the reform of agricultural management. At this agricultural high-level meeting, the smart agricultural management model launched by some enterprises was very popular. These IOT systems, which are composed of humidity sensors, cameras, air detectors, intelligent pressure gauges, etc., can provide farmers with agricultural big data without manual collection, and can be supported on the basis of general plastic engineering and high-performance engineering plastics. Aikeping, President of lvlei farmers' Professional Cooperative in Taibai County, Shaanxi Province, which operates a 500 mu Alpine characteristic vegetable Park, is looking forward to introducing the IOT system into the park

"I want to introduce equipment such as soil temperature and humidity sensors into the garden to collect first-hand data such as air, soil and moisture, so as to achieve precise planting." Aikeping said that in order to improve the quality and efficiency of agriculture, we must "seek benefits" from science and technology and machinery

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