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Interpretation of the prospects of China's large aircraft industry Shanghai, May 11 (Xinhua) -- aviation manufacturing is described as "the flower of modern industry", and "large aircraft" is more known as "the Pearl on the industrial crown". The inauguration of China's large aircraft project company on the 11th also opened a vast picture of the industrial prospects

Luo Ronghuai, general manager of ARJ21 project company, the new deputy general manager of large aircraft company, said that the development of large aircraft itself may not make money for many years, but this development process can bring huge industrial pull and economic growth to the country. A study in Japan shows that if the civilian shipbuilding industry is used to stimulate the industry at 1 yuan, then household appliances are 45 yuan, cars are 80 yuan, and large passenger planes are 800 yuan; At the same time, from the perspective of input-output benefits, every $10000 invested in the aviation industry can generate about $500000 to $800000 in 10 years

a study by Rand Corporation of the United States shows that the sales of derivatives derived from aircraft technology is 15 times that of aviation products, and the effect of the aviation industry driving technology upgrading and industrial extension is greater

Wang Maolin, President of China productivity society, recognized that II. Closed loop control is that a large aircraft is composed of 3million to 5million parts, which need to be produced by thousands of supporting suppliers. Therefore, relevant industries will be pulled up and bring huge opportunities for industrial upgrading

Wang Maolin said that the opportunities brought by large aircraft, for example, the seat jackets and carpets on the aircraft have very high technical standards and requirements, which will help promote the upgrading of the domestic textile industry. Driven by the large aircraft project, relevant industries will compete to carry out technological innovation

experts believe that, on the whole, the "big aircraft" at the top of the industry covers almost all industrial categories, such as machinery, electronics, materials, metallurgy, instrumentation, chemical industry, and integrates hundreds of disciplines and more than 7000 technologies, such as mathematics, aerodynamics, materials science, ergonomics, automatic control, fluid mechanics, etc; At the same time, the industrial chain involved in large aircraft involves the whole "industrial basin" from energy resources to production and processing, manufacturing integration, information technology, trade logistics, financial services and so on

"therefore, large aircraft is different from the narrow manufacturing industries such as automobile, ship and steel, and plays the role of 'economic backbone' that connects the 'ribs' of industries." He Zhiqing, who once served as the coordinator and observer of the special demonstration group for large aircraft and later served as the deputy director of the Military Industry Department of the Shanghai Office of science, technology and industry for national defense, told

in the aviation industry, many experts have been talking about the "Star Wars plan" of the Reagan era. Xu Chundong, President of the Shanghai Institute of Aeronautics, thus reduced the weight and cost. Chun Dong said that although the "Star Wars Program" spent a lot of money and failed to succeed, as an unexpected harvest, this move has greatly promoted the development of high-tech and industrial incubation in the United States. In Japan, relevant research departments have analyzed 500 technology diffusion cases and found that 60% of the technology comes from the aviation industry

the export and employment driven by the aviation industry are also quite amazing. Data show that the turnover of French aerospace industry in 2000 was 162.7 billion francs, of which exports accounted for 75%, and the foreign trade surplus reached 64 billion francs. In 2001, there were 436000 direct employees in the aerospace industry, while the number of European jobs brought by the aerospace industry reached 1.2 million. With the development of environmental protection

hezhiqing said that perhaps based on the above "unexpected gains", many countries spare no time and money to give key support to the aviation industry and become a strategic industry that big countries must compete for. The organization for economic cooperation and development of the United States and Europe ranks the large aircraft manufacturing industry in the first place in the knowledge economy industry

with this, the competition between the aviation industry has become "a skill beyond poetry". Hezhiqing believes that industrialization is not just an "effect". When developing the aviation industry, countries have actually regarded "industrialization" as 8 Power standard and development principle of speed regulation system

some people in the aviation industry said that in the process of developing large aircraft in the future, China will first form huge demand in the fields of electronic industry, numerical control machine tools, forging manufacturing, metallurgy, composite materials, general components, instruments and meters, and promote these originally weak industries to achieve industrial upgrading

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