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Interpreting the story behind green printing

[CPP114] news: since I came to the printing industry, I heard a strange word green printing. The author grew up slowly from a young man who just entered the industry, and gradually had a new understanding of printing, especially green printing. The more I studied it, the more I felt that its development would be another bright light in the future printing industry. In 2012, the printing industry was looking for new breakthroughs in the face of adversity. In 2012, one printing enterprise after another was restructured, merged or collapsed. Many printers are afraid of this life. At this time, green printing, which has been advocated for several years, became a new dawn for the development of printing enterprises. In 2013, green printing ushered in new opportunities

as a member of the printing industry, everyone knows the word "green printing" and what it stands for. Then who knows the story behind it? The chemical industry and non-ferrous metal industry completed fixed asset investment of 1.56 trillion and 691billion yuan respectively in 2014. Through a year's understanding of the printing industry and green printing, the author gradually has some ideas about the story behind it

the broad definition and reasons of green printing given by the state

green printing refers to that printing should have the awareness of environmental protection, strengthen the concept of printing enterprises paying attention to environmental protection, vigorously promote the work of saving resources and energy, implement circular economy, and adhere to the scientific concept of development. The majority of printing workers should further realize that in order to protect the ecological environment, save earth resources, be conducive to human health, benefit future generations, promote the sustainable development of China's national economy, eliminate the harm caused by environmental protection problems in printing, and then create a good living space for mankind

green is an adjective and descriptive appellation for things with two core connotation attributes of environmental friendliness and health benefits, which is generally recognized by all countries in the world; Green printing refers to a printing method that uses environmentally friendly materials and processes, produces less pollution in the printing process, saves resources and energy, and is easy to recycle and recycle after the printed matter is discarded, which can be naturally degraded and has little impact on the ecological environment. It not only embodies the concept of sustainable development, people-oriented and advanced scientific and technological level, but also an important means to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and low-carbon economy

the industrial chain of green printing mainly includes green printing materials, printing graphic design, green plate making process, green printing process, green post press processing process, environmental friendly printing equipment, printing waste recycling and regeneration, etc. Through the implementation of green printing, the whole supply chain system, including materials, processing, application and consumption, can enter a virtuous cycle

the story behind green printing

in fact, in the eyes of the author, the so-called green printing is not like the above, it is just a form, a spiritual idealism, but in society, it is simply impossible to achieve 100% green printing. Because people have greed, greed will drive people

the reasons why some enterprises put green printing in the long-term development of enterprises are: first, respond to the call of the country and follow the steps of the country; Second, the greening of printing enterprises can not be implemented in a real sense. Most printing enterprises do not have a deep understanding of green

what is the green of printing? The author believes that we should start from the aspects of noise, health, materials, environment and so on. Recently, according to a news report, a 10-year-old printer made troubles at work after returning home during the Spring Festival because he didn't want to work in his old business anymore. It is understood that the worker had a physical examination, which surprised him: many indicators exceeded the standard. The doctor told him that it was the printing work that had damaged his health. The worker said: the working environment in the printing factory is really too bad. After these years of work, my physical condition and the price of steel have increased year by year. After work every day, I feel that my nose can't smell any other flavor. In the long run, my sense of smell has degenerated a lot. The machine chuckles from morning till night. There is no doubt that it cries out in its ears. I'm really worried that my ears will suddenly become deaf one day

in fact, what makes printing green is the enterprise, the environment and the people. Many people who have worked in the printing workshop must know that the whole workshop is full of noise when it is in operation, and the whole workshop is full of mechanical equipment, materials, and garbage cans that are hidden in the corner and easy to carry. The author also said that the printing workshop should improve the workshop environment. In addition to the cold machines in the printing workshop, there is a rumbling sound. Rarely see green. We might as well set up some green in the workshop, which is more warm and environmentally friendly, and plants can absorb harmful materials, so as to reduce the damage to the body


there is still a long way to go for green printing, there are still many accidents in green printing, and there are thousands of stories behind it. What the author said is just the most superficial story in the author's eyes. As time goes on, I believe that printers will hear more printing stories

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