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Interpretation: the inflection point of the construction machinery industry does not change from growth to decline

interpretation: the inflection point of the construction machinery industry does not change from growth to decline

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Guide: among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, 39 foreign enterprises, 37 of which have entered China and built a perfect business system. Such figures can prove the situation of the scuffle in China's construction machinery market. Su Zimeng uses three words to summarize China's construction machinery market - the world's most open

"among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, 39 foreign enterprises, 37 of which have entered China and established a perfect business system." Such figures can prove the situation of the scuffle in China's construction machinery market. Su Zimeng summed up China's construction machinery market in three words - "the most open in the world", "the most competitive" and "the highest degree of internationalization"

facts have proved that the scale of China's construction machinery market has leapt to the first in the world, and China has become the strategic focus of foreign enterprises' global expansion. Most of them have also invested in establishing manufacturing and R & D bases to constantly improve their layout in China. The reason for "the most competitive" comes not only from foreign enterprises, but also from China's local construction machinery enterprises

in 2010, XCMG group, the largest enterprise in the field of construction machinery in China, had an operating income of more than 66 billion yuan; Zoomlion reached 52.3 billion yuan; Sany group has exceeded 50billion yuan. Among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2011, XCMG, Zoomlion and sany ranked among the top 10. More and more super large enterprises with world-class scale and competitiveness have emerged in China's construction machinery manufacturing industry. At the same time, with the intensification of the trend of global integration and the upgrading of the "going out strategy" of China's construction machinery industry, Chinese enterprises are actively seeking greater development all over the world. Chinese construction machinery enterprises continue to integrate into the world, and the relationship between China and the world's Construction machinery industry has entered a new stage

The chairman of XCMG summarized this situation as "one in, one out" "One entry" means that foreign enterprises have entered China one after another, laying more and more substantive chess pieces in China, and introducing more ideas, products and technologies synchronized with the world into China. "One out" refers to that Chinese enterprises are also accelerating to go to sea and vigorously promoting the expansion of the international market. Between "one in and one out", the overall competitive strength of China's construction machinery industry is fully docking with the world's most advanced level. At present, the overseas promotion of Chinese enterprises has initially bid farewell to the simple product export model and turned to high-level ways such as overseas factory construction and overseas acquisition

in recent years, China's construction machinery industry has achieved remarkable results in the transformation of development mode and the adjustment of economic structure. Most Chinese enterprises have gradually realized the transformation from simple scale growth and market driven development in the past to value driven growth. Their comprehensive strength has been rapidly enhanced, and their international competitiveness and international industrial status have been greatly improved

some insiders believe that with the rapid development of China's construction machinery industry, if the fixture has passed a sweet period according to the structure, the production and sales of the whole industry began to decline from April this year. "This indicates that the market inflection point has arrived, and the market dominated by medium and low-end may face a new round of reshuffle." There are not many negative feelings about the future market prospects. However, the development of the construction machinery industry is easy to cause misunderstanding. The actual situation is that the inflection point of the construction machinery industry is not from growth to decline, but from high-speed growth to steady growth

the chairman of Zoomlion predicts that the market scale is still rising and will not change the growth trend next year. Zhan Chunxin's view is that the overall growth rate of the industry has begun to slow down. The reasons for this result are summarized by insiders as follows: first, the global economic recovery is weak and domestic monetary policy is tight; Second, overcapacity led to a decline in sales of enterprises. The production capacity is growing rapidly. Overcapacity should be said to be a prominent problem faced by China's construction machinery industry, which also leads to fierce market competition

Tony hill, global president and CEO of Doosan construction machinery, said that overcapacity began to appear in China, and too many participants entered the market. Compared with many bearish views, the heads of many large enterprises are very confident about the future market trend

China's construction machinery enterprises have grown up relying on the expansion of China's infrastructure and the rapid development of national economic construction, especially in the past 10 years. It can be said that all Chinese construction machinery enterprises are good, and they have developed a strong martial art in an era of full competition and competition, cooperation and development with their domestic and foreign counterparts. China's construction machinery enterprises are still a little confident, because they have indeed made progress in recent years. China's construction machinery industry and enterprises have now achieved a qualitative improvement in concept and strategy, and have stepped out of China and into the world in terms of manufacturing system and level

entrepreneurs' confidence comes not only from themselves, but also from their judgment of macroeconomic trends. China will invest a lot in the construction of water conservancy facilities and affordable housing in the future. At the same time, there will be broad space for the delayed construction of high-speed rail and nuclear power plants

an example - China's rivers press dents on the surface of the sample, and there will be no more new road construction in Jiangsu and other coastal areas, but a large number of roads also begin to enter the maintenance period. With the increasing traffic flow, the demand for road rescue equipment is higher and higher

the current global economic situation is indeed at a complicated stage. Judging from the situation in Europe and the United States, the economy may decline and bottom again, but emerging markets still maintain a good trend, and Brazil, India and Russia still maintain an upward trend. The data shows that the global industrial sales have exceeded the $200billion mark, and the global construction machinery industry is shifting to emerging markets, both in terms of regional market size and the overall focus

at the same time, we also see that the overall situation of Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa is good. Therefore, the impact on Chinese construction machinery enterprises is not too great. In the European and American markets, the share of Chinese enterprises is not high, so the economic weakness in the European and American markets has little impact on Chinese enterprises

The president and CEO of Komatsu Production Co., Ltd. is also optimistic about emerging markets. There is great potential in the future. In emerging countries, including China, Brazil, Russia and many African countries, the economy will continue to grow in the next 10 to 20 years. But in the short term, China alone cannot lead the world economy. The population of North America is also increasing, and the economy still has potential. We believe that the economy of North America will recover next year and the following year, and China, Asia and South America will also usher in growth

taking advantage of the downturn to invest in technology and cultivate talents, and paying close attention to the future development of the market, the production of the enterprise may not be as busy as before, so what should the enterprise do? The construction machinery market has experienced a very hot stage. Enterprises are busy with delivery and production. At that time, it is bound to delay time in management, technology, market innovation and talent training. Although Chinese construction machinery enterprises have made great progress, some enterprises still have a certain gap with international advanced enterprises in terms of technical level, innovation ability and product level. They must continue to learn from each other, learn from each other, and innovate and upgrade. When the market returns to rationality, manufacturing enterprises should better study the needs of customers

China's construction machinery industry needs to be integrated, focusing on customer needs and after-sales service. The purpose is to provide trade enterprises with exchange criteria and benchmarks. The construction machinery industry should integrate resources

according to high-quality standards, the capacity of China's construction machinery industry is not excessive. At present, the production capacity of some Chinese enterprises is to produce low-quality and low-tech production capacity, which will be phased out in this round of adjustment process. Chinese enterprises will take this opportunity to increase technology investment and gradually move the pendulum to the support of samples. There is still a lot of room for capacity growth in the future. Avoid impetuous and blind pursuit of the so-called hard to reach things. Equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry that provides technical equipment for national economic development and national defense construction. It is an important guarantee for industrial upgrading and technological progress of various industries, and a concentrated embodiment of the country's comprehensive strength and technological level

the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry should start from four key aspects. First, we should enhance the ability of independent innovation, strive to improve the technological level, and strive to make major breakthroughs in the short board of the industrial chain such as key core components. Second, we should promote the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, promote the in-depth application of information technology in enterprise R & D and design, production and manufacturing, operation and management, marketing and logistics, and accelerate the transformation of manufacturing mode to intelligence, networking and service. Third, we should promote green and low-carbon development, promote the transformation of resource utilization to intensive, efficient, clean and safe, and vigorously develop energy-saving and emission reduction technologies, equipment and services. Fourth, we should speed up the cultivation of independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, develop large enterprises and groups with international competitiveness, promote strong alliances of advantageous enterprises, cross regional mergers and acquisitions, overseas mergers and acquisitions, and investment cooperation, thoroughly implement the "going out" strategy, and improve the level of international operations

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