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Interpretation of the national publishing fund project application guide

with the release of the 2013 national publishing fund project application guide, the national publishing fund project application work has officially started this year. In order to make all publishing units more deeply understand the connotation of the guide and effectively do a good job in project application, this newspaper plans this special edition with the national publishing fund planning and management office: collect the problems that have occurred in project application of all publishing units in recent years for reminder; List the matters needing attention when applying for projects in 2013 for guidance; Sort out the problems commonly consulted by publishing units to solve doubts; Select good examples of applications in recent years for reference; Extract expert review opinions for reference. It is hoped that the contents of this edition will be helpful to the ongoing application work of all publishing units

precautions for application requirements

choose the application items from the publishing unit's own advantageous resources

types of books; Audio and video products for children, science popularization, national music and major salvage cultural inheritance

projects with a classification of more than 5million yuan: Top 100 clubs, advanced publishing unit award of the Chinese publishing government award, and advanced collective of the national publishing system, which can be applied for 1 item

projects below RMB 5million: each publishing unit in the country can apply for 2 projects, at least one of which is below RMB 200000

reward the project units that have handled the final acceptance and the project performance evaluation is excellent, and they can apply for an additional project of less than 5million yuan

the application focuses on the introduction of project content and budget

application materials

1 Paper application in triplicate

2. Letter of commitment or agreement

3. The CD-ROM is in one copy (including the electronic version of the application, the detailed catalogue of the project, and the PDF format manuscript)

the deadline is July 31, 2012, and the application materials that have been reviewed by the competent authority shall be submitted

main problems in the declaration in recent years:

1 The project lacks innovation, and only the existing publications are collected into a summary collection

2. Breaking away from the publishing unit's own ability, violating the publishing law and blindly seeking greatness

3. The project is immature, not started or just started, and is still in the stage of topic selection

4. The application is not filled in as required, and the description of the background, significance and reasons for applying for funding in the basic information of the applied project is too vague and unconvincing; The description of the main content, catalogue, catalogue of series or complete sets of publications is too simple and not detailed enough

5. The budget of the declared project funds is not calculated according to the facts, and the data is chaotic and inconsistent

6. Pay no attention to the details of the declaration, and fail to provide the letter of commitment or agreement signed by the main compilers; There is no signature of the relevant person in charge in the application; Expert recommendation without expert signature; The competent unit did not review and seal

7. The CD with manuscript was not provided as required

★ filling in and submitting the application form for national publishing fund projects is an important link in applying for national publishing fund projects. We specially select two projects with standardized filling in forms, clear reasons for project application, and concise and fluent words to introduce, hoping to provide a demonstration for other publishing units to apply for projects

case 1

Project Name: Shaanxi Jinwen integration

project application time: 2012


at the time of application, the project first explained clearly the academic background of Shang and Zhou Jinwen research, the description of previous dynasties, especially the publication of similar works in recent years and the biggest shortcomings. The significance and importance of this project were particularly emphasized. Tens of thousands of bronzes from the Han Dynasty and before have been unearthed in Shaanxi. The compilation and publication of this book will be the first centralized catalogue of more than 1500 bronzes with inscriptions collected at home and abroad. We will strive to include all the original bronzes of gold inscriptions. We will try our best to make rubbings of bronzes at home and abroad where the original can be found, compare the excellent rubbings recorded in the past, and compile high-definition photos of the original shape and inscriptions, This is what our predecessors have not done. Therefore, the publication of this book brings together the inscriptions unearthed in Shaanxi at home and abroad in history, which can help the academic community to have a comprehensive understanding of the preservation quantity, distribution, combination relationship, circulation information, etc. of the inscriptions on Shaanxi bronzes, so as to provide reference research in the academic fields of history, archaeology, ancient characters, calligraphy and so on, and excavate and protect this excellent historical and cultural heritage

among the reasons for the project application, it is first mentioned that Shaanxi Jinwen integration has been listed in the national key book publishing plan of the General Administration of publishing during the 12th Five Year Plan period (No. 43 of the ancient book collation and publishing plan). It also expounds the specific reasons for the application in detail from four aspects: the needs of academic research, relatively complete image materials and new arrangement methods, a large province of cultural relics rich in bronzes, a strong editing team and a professional publishing team

expert review comments this project is a comprehensive collection of the existing domestic and foreign bronze inscriptions unearthed in Shaanxi from Zhou to Qin and Han Dynasties. The image data is quite comprehensive. There are not only gold rubbings, but also the full shape of objects and inscriptions taken from different parts. It is of great academic significance for paleography, archaeology, history, etc., and its scientificity and scholarship are outstanding, The integrity of data is unmatched in previous similar books. The project is innovative and has important inheritance value and good social benefits. That is, the deformation is proportional to the force, the author team is neat, and the main creators are famous historians and paleographers. The academic level is in the leading position in this field, ensuring the academic level of the project

case 2

project name: variation, origin and application of the genome structure of the Chinese nation

project application time: 2011


describe the weight and progress of an achievement in the professional field of science and technology in popular language, as well as the significance of publication, as well as medium and high-end injection molding machines, extruders, film blowing machines, calenders, hollow injection molding machines, spraying equipment, granulators, slitters Plastic machinery such as injection molding auxiliary equipment is not easy. When filling in the application form, Xi'an Jiaotong University Press focuses on clarifying the unique significance of the project. For example, when talking about the significance of the publication of "variation, origin and application of the genome structure of the Chinese nation", it was clearly pointed out that although there are rich international achievements in gene research, the research on the genomic polymorphism characteristics and variation laws of the Chinese population can only be completed by our Chinese people. Science and technology are tools that serve national interests. The research on the genomic polymorphism structure and variation of the Chinese nation is not only a retrospect of domestic research in relevant fields in recent decades, but also provides a strong scientific support for the origin, historical identity and status of the Chinese nation, which will play an important role in the conservation, utilization and sharing of genetic resources in China. At the same time, the relationship between the genetic structural variation involved in this study and the spectrum of endemic diseases of the Chinese nation will also contribute to China's medical and health undertakings and national health security, and will certainly play a positive role in the prosperity of the Chinese nation. Based on this, this project is in line with the basic principles of the national publication Fund Application guide, which is not in the past, urgently needed in the present, and necessary in the future, and is in line with the interests of the country and the nation

the reasons for the application of the project are also very clear. There are two main points: first, this project represents the highest level in the field of genetic research on the origin and change of the Chinese nation in China and even the world, and fills the gap in the field of genetic structure change of the Chinese nation, which is conducive to detecting materials with very large or very small elongation rate and obtaining accurate experimental results, which is different from the origin research field, and has China's independent intellectual property rights. Second, this project focuses on domestic experts and scholars who are engaged in the highest level of genetic research of the Chinese nation. The three chief editors of the project are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Sciences; The three executive editors in chief are well-known experts in the field of genetic research in China; The editorial board is composed of 17 experts and scholars engaged in genetic and disease correlation research, including 10 experts from the Chinese national health and disease genetic resource sharing platform. They have worked for decades in the field of genetic research of the Chinese nation, with fruitful results and abundant works. In addition, the Chinese national genetic structure and variation project has passed the preliminary evaluation of national key books in the 12th Five Year Plan of the General Administration of publication

expert review comments the project has important scientific value and innovation. The five volumes are highly systematic and logical, which may not only produce good social benefits, but also produce certain economic benefits. This project has gathered domestic high-level experts and scholars engaged in genetic research of the Chinese nation, which is academically guaranteed. The publishing house has a good social reputation, the implementation plan is feasible and the budget is reasonable

Q & A

I. can the deadline for fund project declaration in 2013 be appropriately extended, and can the time for annual fund project declaration be fixed in the future

answer: according to the 2013 national publication fund project application guide, the deadline for fund project application in 2013 is July 31, 2012, which will not be extended; In the absence of special circumstances, the deadline for the application of fund projects in subsequent years is July 31 of each year

II. Can large-scale publishing projects be jointly declared or declared by stages

answer: according to the "management measures for projects funded by the national publishing fund" jointly issued by the General Administration of publication and the Ministry of finance, publishing projects with large scale and long completion time can be jointly declared by multiple publishing units; For large-scale publishing projects that need to be implemented by stages, the publishing unit can also apply, implement and apply for acceptance by stages

III. can publishing units with outstanding projects apply for 2013 fund projects

answer: according to the "2013 national publishing fund project declaration guide", except for publishing units that have been disqualified for 2013 annual declaration due to annual inspection and unqualified completion acceptance, other publishing units can declare fund projects in accordance with the provisions of the 2013 declaration guide

IV. can projects that have been declared in previous years but have not been supported by the fund continue to be declared

answer: after analyzing the reasons for losing the election and making improvements, you can continue to apply

v. how to properly handle the relationship between the filing of major topics and the completion of fund projects on time and with quality

answer: the implementation of fund projects must comply with the filing system of major topics. Fund projects that have not fulfilled the filing system of major topics shall not be published. In order to solve the problem that the filing time of some major topics is too long, which may affect the timely publication, the publishing unit may first perform the filing procedures of major topics, and then apply for fund projects

VI. what are the requirements for filling in the funding budget form in the application? How to calculate and fill in the printing fee, binding fee and raw and auxiliary material fee in the budget table (Books)

answer: the general requirement for filling in and submitting the budget form of subsidy funds is that the entries, contents and units of measurement set in the form should not be changed, and the data should be accurate, which also brings a lot of convenience to the industry, with sufficient and clear explanations; The printing fee and booking fee in the budget table (Books) are calculated and filled in according to 3000 volumes (sets) respectively, and the cost of raw and auxiliary materials is calculated and filled in according to 300 volumes (sets)

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