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Interpreting the six highlights of the 13th five year plan of intelligent manufacturing

how should intelligent manufacturing be promoted? Where is the development direction? What key technical equipment need to be tackled The "intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020)" officially released by the Ministry of industry and information technology in Nanjing on the 7th puts forward the guiding ideology, objectives and key tasks for the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Xinhua News Agency found that there are six highlights in the plan

clear steps: intelligent manufacturing is not achieved overnight

the plan proposes to take the development of intelligent manufacturing as a long-term strategic task, and also proposes to promote the implementation of the "two-step" strategy for intelligent manufacturing by 2025: by 2020, the intelligent transformation of key industries with conditions and foundations will make significant progress; Second, by 2025, key industries will initially realize intelligent transformation

you Zheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and vice president of Tsinghua University, believes that the "two-step" and "long-term adherence" reflect the scientificity of the planning, indicating that it will be a long-term development process from the current made in China to the future intelligent manufacturing. The government's plan points out the direction, which requires enterprises to play a major role, gradually promote the digitalization, informatization and personalization of production according to their own conditions and the market demand of products, and finally realize intelligent manufacturing. Enterprises should adhere to demand-oriented promotion. The huge market demand makes the prospect of Intelligent Manufacturing in China bright

emphasis on synchronization: we should make up for the lessons of 2.0 and keep up with the rhythm of 4.0.

the plan points out that during the "13th five year plan" period, we should synchronously implement the popularization of digital manufacturing and the demonstration and guidance of intelligent manufacturing, with the goal of building a new manufacturing system and the implementation of intelligent manufacturing engineering as an important starting point, so as to lay a solid foundation for cultivating new drivers of economic growth, creating new competitive advantages in China's manufacturing industry, and building a manufacturing power

China machinery industry a group of college students at the University of New Mexico built a kysat ⑵ using components printed by windform materials and selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. Zhusendi, honorary director of the expert committee of the microsatellite Federation, believes that China is in the sprint period of basically realizing industrialization, and the productivity level of manufacturing enterprises is uneven. The manufacturing base in different regions varies greatly, with the level of 3.0 in some places, Some places may still be in the stage of 2.0, but 4.0 (Intelligent Manufacturing) is an opportunity for the world, so we should not only make up for the lessons of 2.0, but also keep up with the pace of 4.0; We should not only popularize 3.0, but also promote the demonstration and guidance of 4.0. Therefore, it is still necessary to promote in stages to lay a solid foundation for intelligent manufacturing

aim at the key: Overcome key technologies and equipment and break through key common technologies

the first two of the ten key tasks of the planning are "accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment" and "strengthening the innovation of key common technologies". It is clearly proposed that by 2020, a batch of key technologies and equipment for intelligent manufacturing will be developed, so that the domestic market satisfaction rate will exceed 50%, and a batch of key technologies for intelligent manufacturing will be broken through, The domestic market satisfaction rate of core support software exceeds 30%

insiders believe that with the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the manufacturing industry, such as the long loading of test pieces, the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China has achieved remarkable results, and the key technical equipment represented by high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, and intelligent instruments and meters have made positive progress. However, it is generally reflected in the industry that the key common technologies and core equipment are still controlled by others, which is the urgent challenge faced by the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in China

attach importance to standards: build an intelligent manufacturing standard system and build a foundation for industrial interconnection

the plan proposes to build an intelligent manufacturing standard system, carry out standard research and experimental verification, and speed up the formulation (Revision) and promotion and application of standards. By 2020, more than 200 intelligent manufacturing standards will be formulated (Revised)

you Zheng believes that from the current development level of China, the foundation of intelligent manufacturing standards, software, networks, information security and so on is relatively weak. Paying attention to the formulation of standards is an important highlight of the plan. Only the standardization in China can ensure the world voice of China's intelligent manufacturing. In the future, it is expected to build a number of intelligent manufacturing national standards, test and verification platforms, and public service platforms, which will also serve the promotion of standards

in addition, building the foundation of industrial interconnection is another key task of "laying the foundation", including the research and development of new industrial network equipment and systems, information security software and hardware products, the construction of test and verification platforms, and the establishment and improvement of industrial interconnection information risk assessment, inspection and information sharing mechanisms

demonstration and promotion: promote the intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises

the plan also defines the "road map" of intelligent manufacturing, so now the promotion of tensile testing machine focuses on demonstration and promotion, including: increasing the demonstration and promotion of intelligent manufacturing pilot, carrying out the demonstration of new intelligent manufacturing mode, selecting intelligent manufacturing benchmark enterprises, constantly summarizing experience and mode, and transplanting and promoting in relevant industries. At the same time, promote the intelligent transformation of key areas, pilot the construction of digital workshops or intelligent factories in the ten key areas of "made in China 2025", and promote the application of digital technology, system integration technology and intelligent manufacturing equipment in traditional manufacturing industry

promoting the intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is also listed as one of the key tasks. It mainly includes guiding basic and qualified small and medium-sized enterprises to promote automation transformation, establishing a leading enterprise leading and driving small and medium-sized enterprises to promote automation and informatization development mechanism, and building cloud manufacturing platforms and service platforms to serve the intelligent development of small and medium-sized enterprises

focus on Talents: Intelligent Manufacturing "liberates" people and cannot be separated from people

the plan clearly proposes to build an intelligent manufacturing talent team, cultivate a group of high-level leading talents who can break through the key technologies of intelligent manufacturing and promote the transformation of intelligent manufacturing, improve the talent training mechanism, and cultivate high-quality technical and skilled talents who meet the development needs of intelligent manufacturing

intelligent manufacturing "liberation" has achieved the goal of reducing DC power consumption per ton of aluminum by 500 kwh; The company's technology center was named as the national recognized enterprise technology center by five national ministries and commissions; Led the establishment of Henan high-efficiency aluminum based new material innovation center, and the development of intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from people. The heads of several enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing said that the multi-level and cross-border intelligent manufacturing talents that adapt to the development are also the "weakness" of China's intelligent manufacturing development, and need to make long-term efforts

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