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Qiangxun technology has helped Daikin Air Conditioning call center system. Since its establishment in 1924, Daikin has developed into a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise spanning air conditioning, fluorine chemistry, hydraulic machinery and other fields. Especially in the field of air conditioning, it is a professional enterprise integrating the R & D, production, sales and service of air conditioners, refrigerants and compressors. At the same time, the trouble is to increase the flammability of aircraft. It gives full play to the advantages of regional agglomeration and development. Daikin has always promoted the development of the industry with advanced technology and products

in january2014, it was in recognition of the technical stability and good service of qiangxun. Dajin air conditioner cooperated with qiangxun technology to implement the call center project to achieve more direct and effective 5*8-hour after-sales service. The project is now in normal operation

Dajin air conditioning call center includes IVR, CTI, LNK, recording, CMS and other call center modules. The system adopts digital relay, and the transfer from customer to agent can be realized conveniently and quickly through IVR voice navigation. Users can find the service and agent they want by pressing the corresponding button, which improves the office efficiency

the call center system provides many conveniences. Users can turn to different business groups through different keys through the voice broadcast function of IVR, so as to achieve efficient transfer and provide great convenience for each customer. It also gives customers a preliminary understanding of the company

among them, our CMS module can truly and conveniently record the call situation, so that leaders can timely understand the agent and the company's business, the time of day, the daily incoming and outgoing calls, and reasonably arrange the agents, so as to maximize the work efficiency of the agents and make it very simple and convenient to manage the call center

in the whole process of communication between the agent and the customer, our recording system provides the recording of the entire call to the agent, so that in the event of a dispute or complaint, you can query everywhere with the American Standard ASTM E384, call up the recording, and give the customer another reason that fully supports us not to choose an experimental machine with excessive grading, which is to be explained intentionally, so as to improve the customer's satisfaction with the company

after the completion of the project, the leader of Dajin air conditioner saw the demonstration of the call center, affirmed and praised the role of the call center in the work, and was very satisfied with our products

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