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Qian'an: the charming steel city has boundless gorgeous scenery and a bright future. Qian'an: the charming steel city has boundless gorgeous scenery and a bright future. Introduction: Qian'an Longwan yacht club with an investment of 1billion yuan has laid a grand foundation. Entertainment projects such as seaplane, water sports and sightseeing water world will become a new brand of Qian'an tourism; Qian'an Great Wall National Park, with an investment of 2billion yuan, broke ground to fight against the trend of the times, such as bus shuttle, helicopter air sightseeing, mountaineering hiking, climbing

the foundation of Qian'an Longwan yacht club with an investment of 1billion yuan was solemnly laid, and entertainment projects such as seaplane, water sports and sightseeing water world will become a new brand of Qian'an tourism; The construction of Qian'an Great Wall National Park, with an investment of 2billion yuan, has broken ground, fighting the trend of the times with four tourist routes: bus shuttle, helicopter air sightseeing, mountaineering hiking and mountaineering cable car, and expanding the new tourism format of Qian'an; The Luanhe River comprehensive development project with a total investment of 13billion yuan is in full swing, and the beauty of the Great Lake covering an area of 24 square kilometers is about to emerge... In this golden autumn season, Qian'an has composed one wonderful movement after another for transformation and development

the charming steel city has boundless scenery and a bright future for green Qian'an

from January to August this year, Qian'an achieved a total fiscal revenue (excluding funds) of 6.81 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%, ranking first among the top 30 counties (cities) in Hebei Province. The annual goal of "exceeding 100 billion" with a GDP of over 100 billion and a fiscal revenue of over 10 billion is within reach. Qian'an, which ranks first among the top 30 county-level enterprises in the province for nine consecutive years, continues to write a new wealth legend

in the face of vigorous development, huguohui, Secretary of Qian'an municipal Party committee, said frankly: "this is mainly due to Qian'an firmly grasping the main line of resource-based city transformation, deeply implementing the 'fourth five year' transformation plan, adhering to the initiative, comprehensive and systematic transformation, and comprehensively accelerating the pace of structural and mode adjustment." Qian'an's whole set of transformation practices is known as the "model of scientific development in the county". Zhang Qingli, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, recently cheerfully commented: "the experience is very good. We should dig deeply, carefully summarize and vigorously publicize it."

the industry has been continuously optimized and upgraded, and the development mode has accelerated the transformation. A modern industrial system has been built with "three pillars" of high-quality steel, equipment manufacturing and modern logistics, and "two wings" of traditional advantageous industries and strategic emerging industries, modern agriculture and cultural tourism.

as the leader of county economic development in Hebei Province, Qian'an has been crowned as the "top power" for 9 years. However, the industrial structure of "one steel dominates and one pillar dominates the sky" has always been criticized. Some people have vividly said that if the steel industry sneezes, Qian'an will catch a cold for several days

"if you do not turn, you will die; if you turn slowly, you will retreat." On june23,2010, Hu Guohui, Secretary of Qian'an municipal Party committee, who had just taken office for more than two months, issued a warning to the whole city. His words were incisive and sincere. After more than two months of overseas investigation, grassroots research and expert argumentation, a "fourth five year plan" for the future of Qian'an came into being, in which the "big industry" strategy was placed in a prominent position, thus opening the curtain on the transformation and development of county economy

"refine iron and steel" and "build the largest fine iron and steel base in China" are not slogans that remain on the lips. Coming to the cold-rolled silicon steel production workshop of Shougang Qiangang, people appreciate the "precision" and "boldness" of Qianan Steel's hydraulic universal testing machine, whose power supply voltage is 3-phase 380V, and the electrical connection between the main body and the hydraulic control box

as the leader of Qian'an iron and steel industry, Qian'an iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Shougang took the lead in realizing the "transformation" of the iron and steel industry from low-end to high-end, from primary to high-quality. The company invested 17billion yuan to build a cold-rolled silicon steel project. As the end product production cluster of Qian'an iron and Steel Co., Ltd., the project integrates high-end and cutting-edge technologies at home and abroad, and can produce the highest grade electrical steel on a large scale, The products have filled the gap of high-precision and advanced products in Hebei Province and North China, and become the refined steel supply customers of famous enterprises such as Gree, Haier and Tianwei baobian

coming to svenkod sheet Technology Co., Ltd., this project called "embroidery on tinplate" is even more impressive

in September, 2011, the owner of Qian'an mine, Li Min, invested 4.2 billion yuan to build a tinplate and eight color iron printing production line. The global composite market is expected to reach 39.1 billion US dollars. Pingyuemin, the company's deputy general manager, joked that there was no range setting requirements. They jumped from the original iron ore mining to the product terminal and played with high technology

it is understood that the Institute of steel rolling and metal materials of the Chinese Academy of engineering provides technical support for the project. Sven Kede has set up a "specially invited academician workstation" and invited Japanese Nippon Steel tin plating experts to take charge of technology and product research and development. The project takes the hot rolled coil produced locally as the raw material and consumes more than 1 million tons of steel annually. The industrial chain leaps from the lowest end to the field of consumer goods

high technology content is its remarkable feature. The two 400000 ton silicon steel projects will become the second production line in the province that can produce electrical steel after the relocation of Shougang; The 200000 ton tinplate production line adopts the world's most advanced technology and can roll 0.12mm ultra-thin strip steel. The products are widely used in food and drug packaging. The eight color iron printing line, a high-end metal printing equipment imported from Germany, is the fourth set in the world and the first set in China. The high-end iron printing products produced fill the gap in China

integration, extension, circulation, improvement and expansion. In recent years, Qian'an iron and steel industry has invested more than 10 billion yuan and implemented 22 technical transformation projects. The proportion of high-end high-quality steel products such as cold-rolled silicon steel, automobile plate, high-grade pipe steel and household appliance plate has reached 25%, becoming the largest high-speed wire rod monomer production base in Asia, the largest silicon steel production base in China, the only eight color iron printing production base in China and the largest pipe production base in the north

relying on the high-quality iron and steel base, Qian'an's equipment manufacturing industry is advancing together, and the modern logistics industry is emerging

at 2:30 p.m. on August 25, the Tangshan project observation group came to Qian'an. The first project to be observed was the Yanbo lottery plate coating industry plate deep processing industrial park

the product positioning is high-end and the market prospect is bright. This project has deeply attracted principals from all counties (cities) and districts of Tangshan city. This project, with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan, is jointly constructed by Hebei Yanbo lottery Coating Industry Co., Ltd. and Canadian ETS Investment Co., Ltd. and is mainly engaged in the production of high-end plates, the R & D, processing and distribution of special plates. The project started construction last October. Although it has not yet been put into operation, it has signed supply agreements with LG, Haier and other well-known household appliance enterprises

walking into the production workshop of Shougang heavy truck manufacturing Co., Ltd., a sge150 tramcar came into view. This behemoth was only 2.8 meters high on wheels. One by one, large mining cars came off the production line and were ready to go. "This is the first independently designed production line for mining vehicle manufacturing in China." Warwick, director of the company's production control department, proudly said, "the 'size' of this car is not the largest. We also have 190 ton and 240 ton mining cars."

Shougang's heavy-duty trucks are looking to the world for development. Together with Liugong group, they invested 3billion yuan to start the heavy-duty truck manufacturing project. On January 5 this year, Shougang's new heavy truck plant was officially completed in the eastern industrial zone of Qian'an. The new plant covers all the manufacturing and production processes of mining trucks, and the 240 ton mining truck production line fills the domestic gap

a number of leading domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises such as XCMG group, the seventh largest Chinese 500 enterprise in the world's construction machinery industry, and Liugong group, the leader of China's construction machinery industry, have also settled in Qian'an, successively investing in the construction of large mining machinery bases. The scale, technical level and product integration of Qian'an's equipment manufacturing industry have been continuously improved. In 2011, the added value of Qian'an equipment manufacturing industry increased by 86.1% and 65.9% in the first half of this year, far exceeding the industrial growth rate

the construction and development of high-quality steel base has brought about relocation. Please check whether the main motor source is turned on or whether the communication line is normally connected! The great growth of raw materials and finished products in Angola and its surrounding areas has attracted the attention of many logistics giants with an annual logistics generation of 180million tons and a traffic flow of 260million tons in the hinterland

Zhejiang material industry group, one of the world's top 500 and the top logistics industry in China, has taken a fancy to Qian'an as an investment treasure. Chairman Hu Jiangchao visited Qian'an three times and finally settled the northern international logistics supply chain base project with a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan in Qian'an. The project integrates a large-scale electronic trading platform and headquarters economy. After the formal operation, it can achieve a transaction volume of 100billion yuan and a pull of 100billion yuan, In fact, it has become the leader in the development of Qian'an logistics industry

in Qian'an northern steel logistics industry cluster, except for Zhejiang material industry group, the Qian'an comprehensive logistics service center project of Tianjin material industry group, which ranks second in the national logistics industry, was officially launched; The logistics projects implemented by China Railway United Logistics Group, one of the top 100 logistics enterprises in China, have been officially put into operation. Relying on the three leading enterprises, Qian'an has initially formed a large pattern of logistics industry development with its back to the three north, its east to the Bohai Sea and its international orientation. In 2011, the added value of Qian'an logistics industry reached 14billion yuan, accounting for 58.8% of the added value of the tertiary industry

at the same time, Qian'an city has continuously strengthened the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, successfully introduced industry leaders such as Stora Enso, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and Jiangsu China Resources Group, with a total investment of 33.6 billion yuan and 318 technical transformation projects. Traditional industries such as printing and packaging, coking glass, etc. are rejuvenated and are moving from low-end to high-end. The momentum of strategic emerging industries is strong. Sunflower pharmaceutical, Innotech biopharmaceutical and other high-end projects have successively settled down, and high-tech projects such as China UK low-carbon technology demonstration park and Bohai Rim cloud computing technology park have successively settled down. In 2011, the investment in strategic emerging industries in Qian'an increased by 115%, 109 percentage points higher than that in the steel industry

change "one pillar dominates the sky" to "three pillars and two wings fly together". Qian'an's industrial structure has been completely transformed, its industrial competitive advantage has become increasingly prominent, and its economic growth momentum is full

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