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Qidong Yabang paint factory has been investigated for long-term production and sale of fake brand-name paint. In October this year, an anonymous letter of complaint was sent to Jiangsu Nantong Quality Supervision Bureau, claiming that Qidong Yabang paint factory has long produced and sold fake Dulux, Nippon, medley and other famous brand paints. The letter also clearly pointed out the person in charge of the factory and how to manufacture and sell counterfeit products

the quality supervision department immediately contacted the Economic Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and formed a preliminary investigation team to sneak into Donghai town of Qidong to conduct a secret investigation on Yabang coating factory

According to the investigation, Qidong Yabang paint factory has been manufacturing and selling fake brand-name paint for a long time. It is found that this paint factory is a family production enterprise with Wang from Anqing, Anhui Province as the center and Anhui people as the main people. The factory is located at the roadside of the central road of Daixiang village, Donghai Town, covering an area of 5 mu, with production areas and warehouses. However, Mr. Wang has a very strong anti reconnaissance ability. The counterfeit packaging barrels purchased from other places are stored in the secret warehouse outside the factory. After receiving the order, he arranges the driver to pick up the counterfeit iron barrels according to the order, quickly come to the factory for filling, and immediately send them to the dealer. Fake goods only stay in the factory for more than ten minutes, and each batch of orders is only a dozen barrels. In this way, even if the factory is found by the law enforcement department, the value of the goods will be only one or two thousand yuan. Not only is it not enough to investigate the criminal responsibility, but also the administrative punishment will not hurt him

"there will certainly be no gains from rash intervention in the inspection. You must master the warehouse for storing counterfeit iron barrels, the sales channels of counterfeit products and the delivery process." The law enforcement officers did not scare the snake, but continued to investigate. They found four warehouses outside Wang's factory and learned about more than a dozen secondary dealers who sold fake goods for him

the time is ripe to collect

. On November 18, the quality supervision and public security decided to jointly launch the collection operation. Because this day is Friday, according to their observation, the production and sales of fake coatings are the busiest here on weekends. At noon, the factory workers and delivery personnel are there

At about 12:00 p.m., when more than 70 law enforcement officers and border armed police officers and soldiers came to the fake manufacturing dens, a silver gray minivan with a license plate of Su fum520 was trying to leave from the open space in front of the factory. Several law enforcement officers quickly stopped the driver and firmly controlled him. Later, they found that 18 barrels of "Nippon" engineering paint and interior wall paint were stacked at the rear of the car

the action team then entered the plant area of Yabang coating factory. Two huge machines are placed at one side of the main plant in the north, and a large number of finished coatings and glues are stacked around the site. In the passage connecting the main power house and the South auxiliary power house, there are more than 100 sacks of light calcium sulfate and fine talc powder. However, no coating products or packages of several well-known brands mentioned by the informant were found in the two plants

in the factory office, the law enforcement officers met Mr. Wang. When they asked him to show the relevant license certificates for the production and processing of products and the production and sales account data, Mr. Wang insisted that his factory only produced and sold the four kinds of brand coatings and paints that he applied for registration, and did not make or sell fake brand names

at this time, some surrounding villagers reported that since the evening of the 17th, large trucks came to the plant to load and left after full load, which lasted until the morning of the 18th

follow the steps

"the fake brand paint produced by the factory must have been transported to the warehouse outside!" According to the report letter and the clues provided by the villagers, the action team quickly made a judgment and found two warehouses located in two civilian houses on the east side of the factory gate, and the number of bit encoders increased; Give a negative number to one warehouse of the old government in Dongxin middle street, old Donghai town and four warehouses located in the waste plant of the former Qidong plastic stationery box factory in Xinken village, Donghai town

in the warehouse, law enforcement officers found a huge number of fake famous brand paints and empty barrels to be filled. Among them, more than 2800 boxes of paint of more than 10 international and domestic brands, including Dulux, Nippon, Guxiang, oulong, crocodile king, China Resources, and yijiale, were suspected of counterfeiting, with a value of more than 2million yuan. More than 2000 empty barrels of Dulux, Nippon, Guxiang, yijiale, jiameizi, Jiabaoli, JIAYE, Yashili, oulong and other brands were to be filled

according to the investigation, the factory has a production capacity of 1500 kg of paint per day, but there is no production license for any paint products. In addition to producing the so-called "king of crocodiles" paint, it also buys a large number of empty barrels of fake brand paint for filling and sales. The price of each barrel ranges from 150 yuan to 180 yuan. It is mainly sold to the paint stores in Qidong Township, Tongzhou, Haimen, Rudong and other places, At present, it has been identified that there are 25 sales outlets specializing in the R & D, production and sales of lithium battery materials. According to Mr. Wang's preliminary explanation, since the establishment of the factory in 2008, he has purchased more than 5000 empty barrels of counterfeit brands and produced fourorfive barrels of counterfeit coatings

at present, Mr. Wang has been subject to criminal compulsory measures of residential surveillance, and the case is still under further examination and evidence collection

distinguish the true from the false

China's petrochemical fires and fires caused by building thermal insulation materials have aroused widespread concern in the whole society. "The authenticity of coatings is related to the health of consumers." According to experts, talc powder, heavy calcium, kaolin and other raw materials need to be added to coating products, while regular manufacturers generally have strict formula and process control, and the technical standards of raw materials are also very strict, so as to ensure that the product quality and the limit of harmful substances meet the national standards. However, if some counterfeit products are made in a rough way in the manufacturing process, or even add some chemical raw materials that are not allowed by the state, they are likely to endanger the health of consumers

the quality supervision department will further test the products of Yabang paint factory. At the same time, it also reminds consumers to pay attention to distinguish the authenticity when purchasing paint products

"it is not difficult to identify fake goods. The pungent smell, rough packaging, wrong identification code and low price can help consumers draw conclusions." A staff member of Nippon Corporation, who participated in the collection on the same day, said that consumers can generally identify the authenticity by looking at the factory name and address, trademark, barrel body, label, product quality, smell the product smell, etc. However, due to the increasingly improved means of counterfeiters, sometimes the packaging can be almost confused with the real. There are two other good ways to help identify. First, look at the product identification code on the outer package. If the identification codes of 10 products are the same, at least 9 of them are fake, because "the 10 digits of the product identification code are unique and cannot be copied". Second, dial the free service on the product packaging or log in to the official website to query the identification code and verify the authenticity

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