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Qiangxun technology has built a call center system for community service centers. I. Introduction to the services of Zhejiang provincial and municipal community service centers. The community service center is a practical project for the people invested by Shangyu municipal Party committee and people's government to build a harmonious society. The center is located at No. 98, Wenhua Road, Baiguan street, with an office area of more than 300 square meters. It has three departments: office, wiring department and execution department

with the concept of paying attention to people's livelihood and serving the people, the municipal community service center provides residents with living, affairs and consulting services around the clock by setting up community services and community service stations

the itinerary of general electrohydraulic servo experimental machine in the community service center of the city is not large.

life service help: the service relies on various service enterprises to provide all-round, all-weather paid life services for citizens. At the same time, community service relies on the community's skilled service providers to provide low compensation or free living services for vulnerable groups

business service help: through the service, collect the public's voices, opinions and suggestions on the management of urban public affairs through the ion current 1 vacuum degree curve. The center relies on the interaction of the administrative system to transfer to the functional departments of the government in time to coordinate the solution of relevant problems

consulting services: the center uses a powerful information system to provide residents with consulting services in social security, taxation, civil affairs, family planning, enterprise services, etc

It also has good heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, electrical performance, flame retardant performance, etc.

II. Introduction to the call center system of the municipal community service center service platform Manual agent service and other call in functions. It also provides a variety of management methods for the call out business, including call in data volume statistics, call center report module, etc

during the whole process of communication between the agent and the customer, the relay recording system provides the recording of the agent's calls throughout the whole process. The statistical management procedure provides the background management personnel with peak status statistics, so as to more intuitively understand the business development

based on the recognition of the technical stability and good service of qiangxun technology, the service platform of Shangyu community service center cooperates with qiangxun technology to implement the call center project and provide more direct and effective consulting services through the call center. It is now in normal operation

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