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Qihe Chenming 150000 ton box board project was successfully put into operation. After nearly a year of intensive construction, Qihe Chenming 150000 ton box board project was successfully put into operation on May 4, 2002. The qualified grade a kraft linerboard has been produced and put on the market

the total investment of the project is 340million yuan. The 4400 quadruple stack paper machine must be used to jointly create the most cost-effective solution. The main equipment is imported from abroad. It is equipped with DCS automatic control system of Siemens in Germany and QCS quality control system of Honeywell in the United States. It has a high degree of automation. The technical equipment level is first-class in China and close to the international advanced level

this production line mainly produces A-level Kraft linerboard. Its products mainly have the following characteristics:

and the buzzer prompts after the end of each experiment

I. excellent raw materials. High quality imported wood pulp and aocc11u.s. waste are selected as raw materials. The measurement and control system of physical indicators such as folding resistance, burst resistance and environmental pressure of the product adopts the controller hytestv6.0 developed by the world's more advanced 32-bit ARM technology This controller is based on 32-bit arm platform, and its standard exceeds the national standard. It can completely replace the imported kraft linerboard

II. Paper width. The maximum width is 4550mm, which can be cut into any specification according to user needs

III. low quantification. The minimum quantity is 125g/m2, which is the lowest in the same industry in China, creating conditions for users to reduce costs and improve benefits

IV. full color. The production line uses computer color matching, and can produce different colors of kraft linerboard, such as natural color, brown, dark brown, yellow, light yellow, dark yellow, etc., and can also prepare specific colors according to user needs

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