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Qianjiang high tech "water based automotive paint" leads the new benchmark of green and environmental protection development in the spraying industry

Qianjiang high tech "water-based automotive paint" leads the development of green and environmental protection in the spraying industry

april 26, 2019

with the improvement of people's living standards, the purchasing power of the automotive industry is also increasing day by day. For the post-80s and post-90s car buyers, automobile coating with diversified colors has become a trend. Behind this is the upgrading and innovation of automotive coating technology. If the engine and transmission are the key components related to the automobile performance and driving experience, the automobile coating is not only related to the "appearance" and image of the automobile, but also closely related to the visual impact, durability and environmental protection of the car body, because the automobile coating effect is closely related to the choice of coating. Therefore, as an environmental friendly coating, Its extended function and development potential should not be underestimated

at the same time, with the increasing national environmental protection policy, the current price of 1 ton of waste recycling is tightened at 1800 (3) 500 yuan/ton. Environmental protection, new energy and lightweight have become the main trends in the development of the automotive industry. Water based paint, as an important part of environmental protection paint, is facing new changes and challenges. Thanks to various external incentives, at the recent "the 17th China (Linyi) new energy automobile, electric vehicle and parts exhibition 2019", Qianjiang high tech became the focus of the audience with its "water-based automotive paint". Lihuining, senior engineer, vice chairman of Qianjiang hi tech, a senior expert in the industry, and an elite team, communicated with representatives of major enterprises participating in the exhibition on industry development, environmental protection, intelligent coating and other field planning, technology and application of Qianjiang products, which was unanimously recognized by everyone, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with several new energy vehicle enterprises

although the major coating enterprises have launched their first generation of water-based paint products, which has solved the problem of water-based paint from scratch, due to the limitations of resin technology, synthesis process, pigment technology, production technology and other aspects, the stability of water-based paint in film performance, product manufacturing and quality needs to be upgraded and improved

Qianjiang hi tech "water based automotive paint" has stable performance, accurate color matching, easy spraying, no fear of freezing and no need for thermal storage. It is very suitable for professional color matching, automotive repair, full spraying and other special industries. In addition, Qianjiang high tech also provides cost-effective products and overall solutions for surface coating of large transportation (light rail, high-speed rail, subway), passenger cars, new energy vehicles, commercial trucks, trailers, motorcycles, construction machinery and parts. On the road of "water entering and oil retreating" of automotive paint, Qianjiang high tech "water-based automotive paint" has taken a far-reaching step

water based paint is a kind of paint with water as diluent and no organic solvent. It does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and free TDI toxic heavy metals. It is non-toxic, non irritating, harmless to human body, and does not pollute the environment. The paint film is plump, crystal clear, flexible, and has the characteristics of water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying and convenient use

the data shows that the products sprayed with water-based paint have fine hand feel and elasticity, and their core chemical properties such as salt spray resistance, aging resistance and light loss rate are higher than those of oil-based products

it is understood that during the construction of traditional oil-based paint products, the VOCs content in the air can reach 600g/l, and can be reduced to 80g/l by using water-based paint. The VOCs production can be reduced by about 87%. In addition, the water-based paint has a small odor, so it is very suitable for construction in a closed system, and it is easy to centrally recover VOCs

the performance of water-based paint is enough to meet the requirements of traditional oil-based paint. Although the product price is slightly higher than that of oil-based paint, the enterprise has less investment in environmental protection facilities, low daily operation costs, and the comprehensive cost is the same as or slightly lower than that of oil-based paint. Moreover, the use of water-based paint is conducive to improving the environment and retaining spraying talents, so that enterprises can truly rest assured and standardize their operations without worrying about the unqualified environmental protection treatment

various advantages of water-based automotive paint have been incisively and vividly reflected in the "water-based automotive paint" of Qianjiang hi tech. Qianjiang high tech's "water-based automotive paint" uses water as the dilution solvent, with ultra-low VOC content (lower than the national mandatory standard, lower than the technical requirements of environmental labeling products), is a truly non-toxic and tasteless high-tech environmental protection product; Water is used instead of organic solvent, which is safe and nonflammable. The risk factors and troubles in production and circulation are greatly reduced; The advanced pure water-based polyurethane tree is adopted, but the ingot composition is uniform, the structure is dense, and the inclusions are few. The famous brand grease synthesis system cannot be blindly sought. The advanced film-forming technology is adopted to make the surface of the paint film hard, wear-resistant, flexible, not easy to yellowing, and ultra long outdoor durability; The paint surface has good leveling, no ripple, bright color, strong hardness, excellent scratch resistance, excellent weather resistance, and strong covering ability. Its strong adhesion can be applied to the comprehensive spraying of different substrates, reducing the number of spraying layers and the amount of paint, saving time and efficiency, easy construction during spraying, and effectively reducing the working hours of spraying workers. 1 The health hazards caused by inhalation of toxic organic solvents during the sample period

the "13th five year plan" has raised the construction of ecological civilization to the national strategy, and green manufacturing is destined to become the direction of national industrial upgrading. Green environmental protection is the general direction of the development of China's coating industry. Green environmental protection coatings are the direction of the policy and the people. Opportunities and challenges coexist. The development of water-based coatings should pay attention to the R & D and innovation of technology. Coating consumers are the key factor to support the development of water-based coatings, and strengthen the understanding and guidance of products and performance for consumers. The demand for water-based coatings is growing in the Chinese market, and it will become an indispensable auxiliary material for the automotive industry

there is a large market space for water-based coatings in the future. Whether it is environmental protection policies, market demand and the improvement of consumer awareness, these are the factors that will contribute to the continuous growth of the future market of water-based coatings

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