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Qibin group held the project signing ceremony × Signing ceremony of the 1200 T/PV high permeability base material project. The investment and construction of the project is Qibin group, which has an annual operating income of more than 4.5 billion yuan and will make important contributions to the local economic and social development. Chenzhongchao, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, and county leaders Lin Jian, Teng anda, Wang Fuxiang, Ying Guobang and enterprise representatives of Qibin group attended the signing ceremony. Ying Liyong, director of the Management Committee of Ningbo southern coastal economic development zone, signed the project investment cooperation agreement on behalf of the development zone

it is reported that Qibin group is a national high-tech enterprise. This project is the largest investment project introduced by our county in recent years. It is located in the coastal economic development zone in the south of Ningbo. Qibin group will make full use of its accumulated process and technology advantages and product channel advantages to lay out the photovoltaic glass production chain that can meet the requirements, and drive a number of advanced manufacturing projects in the photovoltaic field, such as the photoelectric industry integration project, to settle in. The settlement of the project will effectively promote the adjustment of Ninghai's industrial structure, help promote the layout of Ningbo's strategic emerging industries, and build a new pattern for the development of Ningbo's new energy industry

before signing the project, Wang, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Ningbo southern coastal economic development zone, had better cover the auxiliary rubber with cloth when not in use and introduced the overall situation of the project. He said that the settlement and operation of the project will effectively improve the development level of the platform of the new area and promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. The new area will take the initiative to serve the front and strive to put the project into operation and achieve early results

on behalf of the municipal Party committee and government, chenzhongchao extended warm congratulations on the signing of the project. He said that Qibin PV high permeability base material project is an upstream high-end project in the photovoltaic industry chain. The project has advanced production technology, broad development prospects and obvious driving effect, which is of great significance to promote the city's photovoltaic industry agglomeration and enhance the overall industrial development pattern. After the signing of the project, the municipal and county governments should further build bridges, optimize services, and make every effort to ensure the smooth progress of the project. It is hoped that Qibin group can continue to deepen its cooperation with Ningbo, benchmark the international advanced, aim at the forefront of science and technology, and introduce more high-quality projects into Ningbo

Lin Jian said that the strong magnetic field formed by the superposition of top enterprises and fertile land for investment and entrepreneurship in the industry can promote Ninghai to quickly form a high-end industrial chain, innovation chain and factor chain, and effectively promote the breakthrough development of energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy industries. At the same time, our county will make every effort to do a good job in service guarantee, continue to operate in special shifts and provide closed-loop services to ensure that project 2 Select the gear (the experimental machine is divided into three grades according to the standard, smoothly promoted, efficiently constructed and put into operation as soon as possible. He hopes that leaders and friends from all walks of life will more publicize Ninghai, support Ninghai, attract more high-quality projects, cutting-edge technologies and high-end talents to settle in Ninghai, and jointly build and share the "double excellence" Ninghai with high-quality development and superior governance

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