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Qibin group has frequently invested in the main business of glass

from pharmaceutical glass, electronic glass to photovoltaic glass, Qibin group has made continuous efforts to lay out the main business of glass. On October 29, Qibin group disclosed that, in order to speed up the industrial layout, it decided to build a 1200t/d photovoltaic high transmittance backplane material and deep processing project and a neutral borosilicate medicinal glass and bottle making project in the new material industrial park of Shaoxing Keqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, with a total planned investment of 1.37 billion yuan and 470million yuan respectively

as a solar PV module, the PV high transparency backplane material can effectively improve the power generation efficiency and reliability of the PV system, reduce the kilowatt hour cost, and effectively help the parity of PV power stations. Qibin group announced that with the implementation of a series of new energy policies in China, the scale of the solar power generation industry has expanded rapidly, showing a strong development trend of continuous growth, and the photovoltaic high permeability backplane material has ushered in a broad market space. It is disclosed that in the total investment of 1200t/d photovoltaic high permeability backplane materials and deep processing project, the fixed asset investment is 1.099 billion yuan, the intangible asset investment is 143million yuan, and the initial working capital is 130million yuan. The construction period of the project is expected to be 1 year

this is the second time that Qibin group has invested heavily in photovoltaic glass in the past month, but it is difficult to become a leading enterprise in new materials in the international market. In late September, Qibin group announced that in order to extend and build an integrated industrial chain and meet the market's rapid development of the solar energy industry and the strong demand for downstream PV module high-permeability substrate materials, the company plans to invest in the construction of a 1200t/d PV module high-permeability substrate material production line in Ziwu Industrial Park, Zixing Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province. The total investment of the project is expected to be about 1.027 billion yuan, and the construction period of the project is also expected to be one year

according to the Research Report of Northeast Securities, both high-permeability base plate and high-permeability back plate are important components of photovoltaic glass. With the growing demand for photovoltaic glass, and the company's ultra-thin and ultra white glass products within ± 2% of the set value have been included in the long-term procurement catalogue of Longji Co., Ltd., these two investments are built to accelerate the company's layout of lithium new energy materials, which will help the company expand the photovoltaic glass market

with regard to the neutral borosilicate medicinal glass and bottle making project, Qibin group said that it plans to build two 25t/d neutral borosilicate medicinal glass and deep processing production lines this time. The products will achieve the domestic leading level in many important indicators such as water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, etc., and hope to be comparable with international products. It is reported that the international neutral medicinal glass, commonly known as class I glass, is especially suitable for containing biological products, blood products, freeze-dried preparations, vaccines and other drugs with high added value and special drugs with high pH value, such as automobile steel plates

according to the Research Report of Pacific Securities, the downstream of Qibin group extends to the fields of energy-saving deep processing, electronic glass and neutral borosilicate tubes, and all businesses are steadily advancing. In addition, the company cut into the photovoltaic field, and the production of new capacity will bring new performance growth points. According to the third quarterly report, Qibin group achieved a total operating income of 6.56 billion yuan in the first three quarters of 2020, a year-on-year increase of 0.4%; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 1.22 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.1%

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