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How to see feng shui when decorating a house? When looking at Feng Shui, we all need to know about the location of the house to be decorated. Otherwise, it is impossible to choose a bad location to decorate the house. How about Feng Shui decorate the house? Let's have a look

see the house decorated by Feng Shui

how to see the quality of the house

1 the house with the balcony located in the northwest or northeast direction is also very good in Feng Shui. The northwest position is Qianwei, which represents the issues of authority, status and identity. The northeast is now the most prosperous position of the Eighth National Games. So when buying a house to see feng shui, if you see that one or both of these two directions are balconies, then don't hesitate. After living in this house, it will be very good

2 there is a 45 DEG between the door and the elevator entrance in the home; Arc, good feng shui. When the gate and elevator entrance form 45 DEG; No matter what the yuan Yun is, the Feng Shui pattern of the family will not be bad, and this law belongs to couples in Feng Shui, so when buying a house to see feng shui, you should start quickly

3 Feng Shui must be good for houses with east-west orientation and four house types. The house sits from west to East, and the best access is the Northeast Gen. however, if the house type is too narrow, the Northeast Gen may not exist, or when there is no northeast, feng shui will not reflect good. So when buying a house, choose an east-west house, and the house type should be square. Feng Shui is generally not too bad. When buying a house, you should pay attention to whether there is such a house

4 if the toilet is located in the east or southwest, feng shui will be very good. Due east or southwest directions are the two most prosperous directions, so if there is water in the due east or southwest direction at home, or something similar, it will generally be very good. Buy a house and watch Feng Shui. Don't miss such a house. (guidaye Feng Shui

how to see the Feng Shui decoration of the house

first, the beautiful and vast Mingtang:

the size of Mingtang seriously affects the size of the gas Bureau. If Mingtang is too shallow or close, it means that it is eager for quick success and instant benefit, lacks foresight, and is easy to succeed and lose quickly

second, there is no block ahead:

the prospect is great, and the future can be expected. If the front is blocked, it is easy to absorb the defeated air. Although there are occasional exceptions, the air turns prosperous after receiving the return air reflection, but due to its large side effects, it is still inappropriate in the long run

third, avoid evil spirits:

try to avoid the evil spirits of sky chopping, road rushing, sharp corners, telephone poles, shrines, churches, etc. in the living room and the door, so as to ensure the smooth transportation of the house and avoid unexpected disasters

IV. sunshine:

if there is sufficient light everywhere in the house, its flourishing Qi is generally sufficient; On the contrary, if Yin Qi is too heavy, the house will fade and everything will go wrong

v. the pattern is square:

“ If you don't study hard, it's not bad& rdquo; The founder concept emphasized in the Kun hexagram of the book of changes can be said to be the most basic but also the most important condition for choosing Yang house

VI. pattern and moving line are suitable:

indoor pattern and moving line should conform to the principle of Feng Shui layout. For example, in a common house, you should first see the living room as soon as you enter the door; It is not suitable to see the toilet, kitchen, or master bedroom, etc; Otherwise, it is often not money, or marriage

VII. Differences between yin and Yang:

the so-called “ Light hall dark room ”, That is, the living room should be large, spacious and sunny, so that the owner can be open-minded and have a bright career; On the contrary, the master bedroom should not be too bright or too exposed, so as not to damage the privacy of husband and wife's private harmony

VIII. The dragon is higher than the tiger:

in front of the building, it is appropriate to keep the spirit of the green dragon higher than the white tiger, so as to ensure the safety of the home and the development of the business

above is “ The gist of choosing Jiawu JiZhai ”, It is the fundamental Feng Shui common sense that everyone needs to know. If an individual can abide by it, he will be able to pursue good fortune and avoid bad fortune, welcome good fortune and receive good fortune, and achieve the best effect of heaven's fortune after geomantic omen. The so-called good geomantic omen can be understood as the meaning of sunny, smooth and vigorous residence

IX. doors should not be opposite:

two doors are relative: “ Quarrel door ”, The main tongue is full of right and wrong, so it should be avoided as far as possible; If it cannot be avoided, it is advisable to hang a bead curtain to dissolve it

how to choose a good house geomantic location

1. The wind should not be strong

first of all, we should pay attention to the wind. If you find that the wind is strong near the house and you are in a hurry, you should not buy it! Because even if the house is really prosperous and condensed, it will be blown away by the high wind. The most ideal living environment is a gentle breeze blowing slowly, which is cool, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui

2. House site selection

don't face the wind, don't be dark and low-lying, don't rush on the road, and don't be on the edge of collapsing mountains. The back building is better than the front building. The front of the building should be spacious. There is a river or lake near the front of the building. Don't use a second-hand house (a house that has had a bad accident). The best auspicious house has a river, lake and sea in front of it, solid green mountains behind it, low mountains and trees in the East, unobstructed roads in the west, and it is best to face the south

3, sunny

sunny &mdash& mdash; Yangzhai Feng Shui pays most attention to sunshine and air, so choosing a house to live in requires not only fresh air, but also plenty of sunshine! If the house is lack of sunshine, it is often too Yin, which will lead to restlessness in the house and is really not suitable for living

4. Street anti bow

the so-called street “ Reverse bow ”, It means that the street in front of the house bends, and the bending position directly faces the gate. Feng Shui calls it “ Sickle cuts the waist ”, Such a house is not suitable for purchase. Avoiding it is auspicious. If the street in front of the door turns upside down, “ Yangzhai ten books ” It is believed that there are often casualties, fires, stubborn diseases and other things at home; And “ House mirror ” There is also a cloud: “ The street turned out like a bow back, fierce& rdquo;

5. The terrain should be flat

if the house is located on a slope, it should not be selected as a residence. There is the possibility of family wealth being exhausted and family members being separated. The terrain should be flat &mdash& mdash; If the house is located on a slope, you should pay special attention to the surrounding environment when shopping, because from the feng shui point of view, the flat houses are relatively stable, and the slopes are quite dangerous

6. Stay away from the chimney

Feng Shui ancient book "summary of Yangzhai" has “ Chimney to bed master dystocia ” In other words, it can be seen that chimneys are harmful to health. Chimney should not be &mdash& mdash; Ancient books of geomantic omen “ Summary of Yangzhai ” Cloud: “ Chimney to bed master dystocia ”, It can be seen that chimneys are harmful to health! There are many chimneys outside the bedroom window, so these houses are not suitable for living! Feng Shui aside, from the perspective of environmental sanitation alone, areas with dense chimneys are not suitable for living, because the soot and fire debris emitted from chimneys are enough to damage health

7. Front of Yamen and back of temple

this refers to the front of the official yamen (especially the police station and military camp) and the back of the temple Taoist temple. These places are not suitable for living, because yamen is very murderous. If you live opposite it, you will be the first to be attacked, and if you can't afford it, you will be injured and killed




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