Four aspects of selecting high-quality ground coat

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The choice of high-quality ground coating should start from the following aspects

to choose high-quality ground coatings, we should start from the following aspects:

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characteristics of ground coatings

ground coatings are an integral part of architectural coatings. Ground coatings have oil resistance, water resistance, pressure resistance, anti-aging and other properties, and can resist the corrosion of general acids and alkalis. They have good wear resistance. The important thing is that they are simple to construct and have strong ability to adapt to the basic level, The construction period is short, the update is convenient, and the cost is very low. Therefore, it has become a choice of floor decoration materials for family decoration. It is suitable for balcony, kitchen, bathroom floor decoration or low-grade decoration

types of floor coatings

floor coatings can be divided into polyurethane, styrene, acrylase, polyvinyl acetate, epoxy resin and other varieties according to their main components. According to its scope of application, it can be divided into cement base, steel base, wood base, etc

according to its construction method, it can be divided into single component, two component, three component, etc

price analysis of floor coating

floor coating is a very economical floor decoration material. Based on the analysis of epoxy resin with high price, if the dry film thickness is 60 microns, it can be brushed about 7 square meters per liter, and the price of production brushing twice is about 13 yuan per square meter, plus base treatment and labor; The total cost is about 30 yuan per square meter, which is only 1/3 of the price of porcelain floor tile pavement





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