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Many customers have this problem: every time the tenant checks out, they need to retrieve the key in person... In fact, in Xiaobian's view, the problem can be solved by directly installing a Keyu long and short rent apartment smart lock

many customers have such problems:

every time the tenant checks out, they need to retrieve the keys in person

every time the tenant checks in, they need to issue the keys to the tenant

"locks" a lot of things...

in fact, in the view of Xiaobian, it is easy to install a Keyu long and short rent apartment smart lock

the problem is solved

realize unmanned, intelligent Internet based management

the background system centrally manages a large amount of door lock information

one machine is in hand, all house information can be queried

mobile app remote operation

"lock" everywhere, convenient and safe everywhere

hierarchical network management, highlighting the

automatic generation of deadline password and remote control when new tenants check in in in each application scenario, One click check-in

when the rent is called

if the tenant fails to pay the rent in time

or when the lease expires

the system will automatically or manually freeze the door lock password

when visiting temporarily

issue the temporary password remotely through the app

let the customer enter the house smoothly

anti peeping protection

set the virtual password, More secure and reliable

anti theft protection

check room access anytime and anywhere

real time supervision of house theft

diverse styles, arbitrary

how to make tenants show individuality in commonness? Our answer is: intelligence, using technology to change life

the house is rented, but life is not. Lock love with intelligent technology. Smart lock, smart love. Through a series of intelligent functions, it not only highlights the tenant's personality, makes life more comfortable and ensures safety, but also gives the tenant the greatest convenience




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