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Quality Life Carnival - the signing meeting of the president of Easley home in Changsha came to a successful conclusion, and the popularity exploded

August is a season full of passion. In this season full of enthusiasm and vitality, in Changsha, Easley home and Wanhua Hexiang board brought you a formaldehyde free environmental protection home signing feast of "big brands give health, safety aldehyde to Wanjia" on the first weekend of August

show off has infinite charm

Changsha EASTLEY zero formaldehyde Hexiang board health signing meeting, that is, 2017 EASTLEY and Hexiang board's second stop show off, and achieved a complete success. This activity not only allowed the owners of Changsha and Changde to enjoy value-added discounts, but also experienced the charm of zero formaldehyde healthy home

the signing ceremony lasted more than 20 days from its launch to its landing. The guests present were full of people. With the passion of the host, the audience actively participated in the interaction, which immediately ignited the atmosphere of the scene. More than 95% of the tickets were signed on site

the hot scene, enthusiasm can't stop

the whole activity site, crowd surging, lively. Now let's feel the enthusiasm of consumers

the owners present queued up to sign the bill enthusiastically

quality Carnival gifts, crazy gifts, lucky draw, cash back awards Yishi used practical actions to give back the love of consumers, and we were also moved by the enthusiasm of consumers for Yishi Li. We were enthusiastic about the interaction in the signing meeting, rushed to be the first in signing, and unprecedented enthusiasm in payment

smash golden eggs on the spot

practice environmental protection and quality of life without stopping

as an in-depth strategic partner of Easley home, as well as a common defender of zero formaldehyde home, Wanhua Group has always been with Easley's zero formaldehyde feast. At this signing meeting, Wanhua senior lecturer explained in detail the concept of zero formaldehyde health and Hexiang board, and the on-site owners personally felt the advantages of zero formaldehyde board

Qiu Xiaoyi, marketing director of Ashley home

president Peng of Wanhua Hexiang board group

the elite team creates good results together

excellent results cannot be achieved without the efforts of the elites in the front-line battle of Ashley home. Iraq is moving forward with zero formaldehyde. Let's hope that the whole house customization of Easley will bring more brilliant results

quality carnival, continue to move forward

Changsha Easley health signing meeting is the first stop of Easley's "Quality Life Carnival" in August. Next, large-scale activities of "quality life" of Easley will be carried out throughout the country one after another, so that consumers can experience quality home. At the same time, preferential treatment is more important and wonderful. We will wait and see




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