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Fearless narrow space Ishikawa island excavator tunnel construction show style

fearless narrow space Ishikawa island excavator tunnel construction show style

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Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city on the top of the southeast, is accelerating the speed of development at an amazing speed. What is the servo valve of the microcomputer screen hydraulic universal testing machine? development. The change of the city is closely connected with these spiritual construction machinery. Ishikawa excavator, the leader of the small excavation world, has made great contributions to the urban construction of Xiamen. Both the 60ns machine constructed in the completed Xiang'an Tunnel and the 40ns machine serving the construction of Xiamen subway have shown outstanding stability and excellent handling performance. Today, let's share the elegant demeanor of 40ns machine working in the tunnel of Metro Line 1 of Xiamen north railway station

narrow space limitation of tunnel construction

the construction space in the tunnel is narrow, which requires that the excavator must have the characteristics of narrow body and high stability. The body of 40ns machine is only 1550mm, and the excavation height and radius reach 4830mm and 5080mm respectively, which is unmatched by other machines of the same level. Therefore, 40ns, a small and flexible machine, is very suitable for subway tunnel construction

severe environmental limitations of tunnel construction

due to Xiamen's special geographical location of "city in the sea", the tunnel is very humid, and the thin air is mixed with dust, so the construction environment is quite bad. 40ns machine is equipped with Yangma direct injection high-power engine, an internationally renowned brand tailored for Ishikawa island, and equipped with the world-class Ishikawa island's original hydraulic system, which can operate efficiently even in such a harsh environment

diversity of tunnel construction types

in some cases, the natural geological structure also hinders the construction work. A single excavation operation has been unable to meet the complex construction needs in the tunnel. 40ns machine is equipped with Japan nabotsk multi-channel valve system. 4. The sample should be parked at the experimental temperature (23 degrees ± 2 degrees) for more than 24 hours before the experiment. Two spare valves are reserved on the valve, which can facilitate users to install crushers, hydraulic shears, compactors and other accessories, realize diversified construction, and easily solve the rock and other problems encountered in tunnel construction

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