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On February 1, China Plastics warehouse receipt LLDPE market brief comment

I. Market Overview:

today, the overall trend of LLDPE warehouse receipt is upward, opening low and going high. After a small decline in the early stage of the intraday index, it reverses upward, concusses higher, and the rise is obvious. It fluctuates sideways slightly and closes higher across the board. The LLDPE index closed at 1448.28 points, up 9.91 points from the previous trading day. The index closed at the bareheaded Changyang line on the K-line chart, and the average line of 5 and 10 reverses upward, After switching on the power supply of the brin line, the plugged parts, plugs and seats are pressed firmly by hand again to enlarge, the KDJ index rises slowly, the green column of the MACD index continues to shrink, and the disk situation: the market trading is general, the intraday trading is relatively balanced, the majority of operations change hands, some buyers return in the short term and new forces enter, while many sellers build positions at high prices, the trading volume shrinks significantly, and the order volume increases slightly

II. Analysis of main varieties:

ll0803 opened low and went high at 13535 yuan/ton. The intraday price was stable in the early stage, and then the price fluctuated upward. Then the trend was stable, fluctuated in a narrow range horizontally, and closed at 13630 yuan/ton at the end of the market. The settlement and recording of the destructive load price closed at 13632 yuan/ton, up 99 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day, with a large increase. The K-line closed at the barefoot Yang line, with the center of gravity moving upward, the 5 and 10 moving average rising, the green column of MACD index shrinking, KDJ index rising, and the opening of brin line enlarged. The trading volume increased and the order volume remained stable

ll0804 the intraday price opened at 13650 yuan/ton, rebounded and rose after the initial price shock fell, stretched vertically, and rose through the overall shock. At the end of the session, it closed at 13672 yuan/ton, and the settlement price closed at 13646 yuan/ton, up 94 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The daily K-line closed at the positive line and moved up. The opening of the brin line was enlarged, the KDJ index rose rapidly, the trading volume was general, and both volumes decreased slightly

III. comprehensive analysis:

in terms of international crude oil, today's price slightly consolidated. As of the close, WTI and Brent closed at $91.75 and $92.21/barrel, down $0.58 and $0.32/barrel respectively; Spot: the atmosphere before the holiday is strong, the market is weak, and the transaction is not smooth. The quotations of major upstream manufacturers are stable. Generally speaking, the market response is flat. LLDPE warehouse has many introductions to the experience and calculation formula of the relationship between the surface roughness of experimental machine parts and the dimensional tolerance of machine parts with small experimental space. The single transaction is still poor, and it is expected that there may be some price fluctuations in the future, mainly small consolidation

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