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Featurecam enables Renishaw designers to carry out cam processing.

the designers of Renishaw, a specialized manufacturer of Metrology and medical products, have greatly improved the productivity of its rapid prototyping department by replacing the original cam software with the Delcam feature-based system featurecam. Now their designers' cam level is comparable to that of professional cam technicians

"it is very important to provide designers with manufacturing technology and capabilities, which will help promote 'design for manufacturing' and reduce any unnecessary delays in the manufacturing prototype stage." Mr. Richard Turner, senior cam development engineer, said. In order to achieve this goal, Renishaw has always encouraged designers to take a "hands-on" approach, and even provided two Mazak nexus machine tools for them to process and produce prototypes

"however, designers only use CAM software occasionally. It turns out that our CAM software is difficult to use, so designers hand over the design to our small batch department for processing or simply outsource processing. Sometimes it takes up to six weeks to process a prototype. Next, Jinan Shijin, a manufacturer of Jinan experimental machine, will introduce to you which eight kinds of weeks are there, which will obviously have a negative impact on the opening process of our products." Mr. Chay Allen, the development engineer, said

tristan Dover, Renishaw's development engineer, learned about Delcam featurecam at the 2008 Mach exhibition, Mr. Tristan Dover recalled: "After I saw a five minute featurecam demonstration and regarded it as the source of success, I felt that featurecam was the easiest cam system I had ever seen. I downloaded the trial version and used it with the demonstration memory I saw at the exhibition. Even without any training, I could process and program as quickly as the engineers skilled in using another cam software used by the company at that time, and make most of the high molecular polymers." for. I realize that featurecam will be an ideal choice for our designers and other users who occasionally use the cam system. "

Mr. Turner said, "since Renishaw used featurecam, Renishaw designers with little processing experience can master the use of software after only one day of training. More importantly, featurecam is so intuitive that even after a month or two, they can still use it."

"we use the standard tool kit on nexus machine tool to set up featurecam, and input the spindle speed and feed rate suitable for our processing materials into featurecam, which makes the system almost automatic." Mr Allen explained. "Everything comes from experience. Some of our designers have no experience in choosing tools and feed rates at all, but with featurecam, experience is not important, because the software can make all tool choices for you." Mr Allen added

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