AI empowerment in the new insurance era of informa

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Combined information: AI empowerment in the new insurance era

combined information: AI empowerment in the new insurance era

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original title: combined information: AI empowerment in the new insurance era

July 5, 2018, where a and B are load import days, and the 11th China Insurance IT application Summit Forum was held in Beijing. More than 1000 presidents, vice presidents, CIOs, and it experts from global insurance associations, institutions, property insurance, life insurance, reinsurance, Internet insurance companies, and top IT companies gathered together to have in-depth exchanges and discussions on the theme of "technology empowerment: integration and precise remodeling". It is the most influential event in the insurance industry once a year

using insurance it technology and new ways of thinking, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain continue to penetrate the enabling insurance industry, becoming the core engine driving and leading business innovation. Insurance companies are also relying on scene differentiation and precise insurance product design, optimizing business processes, and using scientific and technological power to enhance their core competitiveness in the insurance ecosystem

hehe information is a top AI big data provider, serving to escort the whole business process of insurance. For the fourth consecutive year, Chen Yantang, the co-founder of Hehe information, an "old friend" of the IT application Summit Forum for rubber fatigue testing machine insurance, and chairman of qixinbao, was invited to this conference to share hehe information's artificial intelligence capabilities, years of experience in serving insurance customers, and intelligently manage the whole life cycle of insurance customers

Chen Yantang, the co-founder of Hehe information and chairman of qixinbao, delivered a speech at the nearly 1000 people's conference

Data empowerment: from user portraits and relational data, the reason for the future: library to intelligent customer acquisition

when an insurance company wants to quickly find the target customer enterprise, it is necessary to first understand the enterprise image and the business status of an enterprise, such as its industry, registration time, business status, registered capital, business owner background Enterprise shareholders, foreign investment, enterprise scale, invention patents, intellectual property rights, financing stage, etc

on the leading enterprise business big data platform of Hehe information, 180million enterprises and 60billion pieces of business dynamic data have been aggregated. Through enterprise business behavior data, we can perspective the insurance needs of enterprises and accurately obtain customers

through machine learning, in the massive big data enterprise database, customize the information funnel for different product lines of insurance, integrate multi-channel clues, and become the "customer radar" of stock enterprises and incremental enterprises. Secondly, based on the portrait of the cooperative enterprise, do marketing map analysis and prediction, and recommend high-quality potential customers. Finally, based on the analysis of enterprise association relationship, human context mining is realized to reach the key decision-makers. So as to form the enterprise marketing exhibition map

Insurance Marketing Exhibition map

ai improve efficiency: Mobile insurance, counter underwriting, claim settlement process

through mobile terminal equipment, shoot insurance certificates such as ID card, driving license, vehicle certificate, upload shooting images in the insurance system, identify certificate information and structure. Hehe information provides the insurance industry with more than 100 commonly used certificate identification modules, automatically classifies more than 22 kinds of certificates, judges the existence of five types of signatures, judges whether the certificates required for insurance are complete, and makes preservation judgments through NLP natural language processing technology. Affected by the friction force of the oil cylinder, the intelligent solution greatly optimizes the insurance process, the efficiency of document information entry, and the customer product experience

insurance company imaging system is another core focus. Usually, paper documents are photographed by a high-speed camera/scanner, and the images are identified to generate electronic documents, which are stored in the computer client. Through image processing, high-quality images less than 100k are obtained and uploaded to the image center for unified management. More than 30 independent intellectual property patents of Hehe information support image processing technology, and image enhancement technology is widely used in insurance company claims business

Pacific Insurance "TAIE claims" uses hehe information image processing SDK function

nlp and insurance map technology to enable the whole life cycle of insurance

hehe information AI big data technology has a wide range of in-depth application scenarios in the insurance industry, embedding data applications into the whole process of insurance business operation, risk management and internal control, effectively capturing risks, optimizing business processes, and realizing data enabled insurance


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