Ai Ai leads the wisdom bud to achieve new breakthr

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Ai Ai leads the smart bud to achieve new breakthroughs

intellectual property is the primary driving force to lead the development of scientific and technological innovation. Everyone can't shirk the protection of intellectual property. During the two sessions this year, the director of the State Intellectual Property Office made a response on how to comprehensively strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. He said: this year, we will focus on improving the examination quality and efficiency of intellectual property rights, and reduce the examination cycle of high-value patents by more than 15% this year from 10% last year

it is reported that the number of domestic patent applications accepted in 2016 was 3.281 million, including 1.193 million invention patent applications, an increase of 74% and 128.1% respectively over 2012. The number of invention patent applications ranked first in the world, and the number of invention patents per 10000 people doubled. In 2017, the global R & D expenditure reached US $2.1 trillion. However, in the past 40 years, the global R & D efficiency has decreased by 65%, and the R & D funds invested by many enterprises have not been effectively utilized, resulting in low R & D efficiency

strive to create the best intellectual property solutions

it is the great potential of the patent industry that attracts attention. In 2007, patsnap smart bud was officially established, headquartered in Suzhou, with nearly 1000 employees worldwide, including 500 Chinese teams, 70% of which are technical R & D personnel. Since its development for 12 years, smart bud has been adhering to the company's mission of guiding scientific and technological innovation, and is committed to providing innovative R & D and intellectual property full life cycle solutions for scientific and technological enterprises, universities, research institutes, and government departments in charge of industry, intellectual property and science and technology through big data, machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and other artificial intelligence technologies

at present, it has served more than 50 countries and more than 8000 customers all over the world, some of which are well-known institutions, including NASA, Unilever, Weilai automobile, Cinda biology, Uber robot, Changhong Electric Appliance, University of London, National University of Singapore, Leeds University, etc. Its data resources cover more than 130million patent information from 116 countries and regions around the world, as well as chemical patent information in finance, industry and commerce, law, scientific and technological literature and vertical fields

integrate data resources and serve the great development of the market

China's scientific and technological innovation main body, due to its relatively late start, has a large gap and growth space compared with the innovation main body of developed countries. In order to narrow the distance, the current positioning of smart bud is to provide inspiration for R & D and innovation information and management providers around the world, make R & D innovation more efficient, and make innovation more likely to succeed. This is the role of smart bud. The essence of patent market is a large market for scientific and technological innovation. Intellectual property is an important way to protect scientific and technological achievements. It serves the R & D and innovation of the whole scientific and technological industry

what smart bud is doing is to provide one-stop solutions from the aspects of information collection and analysis, process management and talent training around the whole life cycle of these innovative subjects, from product technology innovation, to R & D project approval, to intellectual property layout, innovative R & D, results listing and delisting. Next, smart bud will provide customers with upgrading services from patent analysis to innovation intelligence, and its radar detection range for the global innovation frontier will be broader and its tentacles will be more subtle. In addition to the existing patent database, a variety of scientific and technological documents, and information will be integrated together for customers to search and analyze these avant-garde and unique inflatable seats on the same platform

through the effective application of AI technology in the field of intellectual property rights, we have achieved a new breakthrough in the smart bud.

with the development of algorithm technology, such as deep learning, more and more mature technologies have been accumulated in the modeling of big data, which lays a foundation for us to widely use artificial intelligence technology in patent big data. However, a common problem of AI is that there is a large gap between all walks of life, and there are more professional vocabulary in the vertical field, especially the words involved in patents are more obscure. It is not easy to build the corresponding knowledge map. To this end, in addition to its own nearly 40 NLP R & D personnel, smart bud also takes the form of cooperation with external teams. At present, the smart bud platform not only supports words, images, etc., which can replace foreign fixtures to a certain extent, and is in the middle and high-end market, but also has a certain gap between domestic and foreign levels in terms of fixtures for new materials and special materials. At the same time, vertical product polishing has been started in the fields of chemistry, biology and so on

in the future, behind the business competition must be the competition of artificial intelligence technology. Smart bud will continue to integrate rich global data resources, and constantly update and collect data and intelligence related to innovation on the basis of patented big data platform. At the same time, we will carry out the R & D and application of the most advanced artificial intelligence technology, develop more intelligent product series and functions, run through the whole life cycle of enterprise innovation and R & D work, and help users better conduct patent situation analysis and competitor analysis, so as to accelerate the R & D process and reduce the R & D cost

at the same time, in order to show the company's strong strength in materials and processing technology, smart bud will always be committed to creating a good information platform and services for creators, constantly increasing the development of artificial intelligence, and providing customers with better intellectual property and data services because quality determines the value of equipment

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