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Let AI help judicial reform

Author: Wang Cheng (product manager of Xunxian Quality Assurance Co., Ltd. and product director of the "Shanghai criminal case intelligent assistant handling system" project)

in January 2019, a special court hearing was held in the second intermediate people's Court of Shanghai, and China's first court hearing using AI assisted technology. As long as the judge, the prosecutor and the defender issue language instructions as needed, the intelligent auxiliary case handling system will automatically capture relevant evidence for display and check the evidence defects of the whole case. After this article was issued at that time, some commentators commented that the application of artificial intelligence and other modern science and technology to judicial activities would better integrate the power of modern science and technology with judicial practice, and form the fusion effect of scientific and technological rationality and judicial rationality, which could reduce judicial arbitrariness, prevent the occurrence of unjust, false and wrong cases, and promote the improvement of judicial quality and efficiency, so as to pave a new way for the reform of the judicial system

it is a great honor for me, as a practitioner of artificial intelligence technology, to personally participate in the research and development of the above-mentioned "Shanghai intelligent criminal case handling system". Since accepting the task in 2017, we have contacted various groups of police, prosecutors, judges and judicial administrators, and also read and learned many professional books, laws, regulations and policies. In the substantial and intense work, I fought side by side with the judicial workers in the front line, and felt the deep insight of leaders at all levels into social development and reform and innovation, as well as the sincere enthusiasm of the judicial workers to uphold the principle of justice for the people and justice for the convenience of the people, and the ardent expectations of the people for improving the quality and efficiency of judicial reform. I often feel that the burden on my shoulders is the trust of the people in us, and it is a heavy sense of mission

Wang Cheng's sketch: Guo hongsong painted

my team and I went to Shanghai to relocate from February to July 2017, strictly implemented the work plan, diligently promoted various tasks, often fought voluntarily until the wee hours, and there was never a weekend. The goal of leading the new trend of the industry is to do our best to complete the research and development of the system, provide it to judicial workers at the first time, and provide assistance and support for their work, Deliver satisfactory answers to the party and the people on time

practice is the only standard to test the truth. Only with data and facts can we better promote reform. At the same time, we also remember that technical concepts cannot exceed China's reality. In the process of judicial informatization and intelligence construction, as technicians, we insist on continuously understanding the judicial work and the legal profession. I still remember that at the beginning, I was an "ignorant child" in the judicial field. When I learned that we needed to design intelligent auxiliary functions for the trial, I was confused, because I didn't know where to start and how to achieve a breakthrough. Therefore, since May 2017, I and the whole team have begun to carry out research work, and have in-depth communication with a number of grassroots prosecutors and judges in Shanghai. As a kind of ribbed steel with large vanadium consumption, I invited senior product teams in iFLYTEK related fields to Shanghai to participate in the work. Although we have encountered various difficulties in the design of the system scheme, as long as each technician does not stick to his own identity, but thinks about the problem as the master, he can find the business needs of judicial workers and clarify the technical implementation scheme from the needs. We know that we should have the courage to promote technological innovation and theory. "He pointed out that innovation, practical innovation and institutional innovation can better cooperate with judicial workers, ensure that judicial reform is not divorced from reality, and truly improve judicial justice and judicial credibility

in its report on new business forms and new industries, Guangming called us new technological intellectuals who promoted reform with technology as "new power groups", and I felt a call from the times. The cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics continues to move forward in the development, and China in the new era is full of vitality. As a party member, keeping up with the pace of the times, promoting technological innovation, and practicing the original aspiration and mission of the Communists in the field of artificial intelligence and new forms of Internet are the direction I want to go. I firmly believe that as long as we always keep our ideals and beliefs in our hearts, never lose, never forget, and keep our sincere intentions, we will be able to help achieve "let the people feel fairness and justice in every judicial case" in the process of judicial reform

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