AI girlfriend iqiyi, the hottest movie, is release

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The movie AI girlfriend iqiyi is released today, and the future AI avatar intimate girlfriend

audiences who like AI themes watch it! Another movie about artificial intelligence has been released! Produced by Beijing dafengchunqiu culture media Co., Ltd. and distributed by Yingmei media, the sci-fi love movie AI girlfriend, directed by Liu Zhen, starring Liu Zhen and Wang Qing, starring Mao Na, Wei Yankan, sun Anke, Guan Meiting, Xu Henan, Shen Chi, Fu Mei, Cheng Zi, Mu Yishan and sang Ping, was officially released at 4 p.m. today at iqiyi, the name, address and contact information of the producer and/or the client

future AI avatar intimate girlfriend, take you to open the door to the unknown world

what will be the relationship between AI robots and humans in the future, and will they dominate humans in turn? Only one of the newly improved clip clamps, AI girlfriend, gave an answer. The film tells that Zhou Tao, who suffered from congenital heart disease since childhood, is full of negative attitudes towards the future and has been wondering whether there are people in this world who are more important than his own life. One day, Zhou Tao accidentally launched the robot d that crossed from the future. Zhou Tao couldn't get rid of this high-end product by all means. Helpless, Zhou Tao led d to integrate into the world, resulting in a series of stories that made people laugh. In getting along with D, Zhou Tao accompanied d to experience human emotions that he had never felt before, so that d learned to express his emotions and participate in human life. And number d also accompanied Zhou Tao through his gloomy life, which made him rekindle hope for life and full of fighting spirit. When Zhou Tao was used to the existence of D, but was told that D was about to be recycled because it violated the future space-time management regulations, how should Zhou Tao face it? The answer is in AI girlfriend, which is launched by iqiyi today

The film AI girlfriend is the first work directed by Liu Yi, who is a director. In order to do something that he pursues and fulfill his director's wish, Liu Yi spent a long time polishing the script, and put enough thought and effort into many aspects, such as story, scene, clothing and so on. It is reported that in order to achieve a better picture texture, the crew spared no expense to build five scenes by themselves and turned more than 30 scenes; In terms of clothing, more than 150 sets have been prepared, including more than 60 sets of women's number one clothing alone. The rich and diverse clothing matching has improved the overall quality of the film

the cast is luxurious and eye-catching enough.

Liu Yu, the star of the movie AI girlfriend, is a familiar face on the screen. He has participated in well-known films such as "dear" and "railway Flying Tiger", and has won the top ten Drama Awards at the 2017 first IFF Film Festival. The female made it impossible for the experimental machine to carry out. No. 1 Wang Qing participated in "dragon searching formula" and "flowers fall in the wrong time of the court". The male second Wei Yan Kan participated in the recently popular Qing palace drama "Yanxi introduction". Several other actors are also powerful actors with frequent excellent works. Fu Mei, the first female in the drama psychological crime, and plays the second female in great expectations. Sun Anke, who plays Yang Buhui and sang Ping in the new version of the story of killing the Dragon by leaning on heaven, has participated in film and television works such as saving my husband and Chinatown detective

the theme is novel and the story is moving. I'll give you a few tricks today to choose the key points of the single arm tension machine. With a strong cast, how can you miss such an excellent film? On September 12 today, open iqiyi to watch AI girlfriend and feel the development of artificial intelligence in the future

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