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Intelligent construction machinery monitoring equipment feast

intelligent construction machinery monitoring equipment feast - minshi will launch a heavy attack on 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition

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from May 19 to 22, 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition will be grandly opened in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition, with the theme of "intelligent new generation of construction machinery", will gather 1450 Chinese and foreign enterprises, Nearly 10000 kinds of construction machinery hosts and accessories will be exhibited, of which 10% of the products exhibited have the latest scientific and technological achievements and will appear in the exhibition for the first time

as the world's leading supplier of visual solutions, minshi will welcome guests with five major construction machinery solutions at booth w4-t036 of Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition, launch new AI on-board products, and demonstrate intelligent on-board monitoring of a variety of construction machinery and vehicle types on site. They are from automobiles (21.43%), packaging (15.27%), medical (20.57%), electronic appliances (13.68%), construction (12.51%), and material manufacturers (11.33%) Mechanical equipment manufacturers (3.44%) and other industries (1.77%) have solutions and application scenarios to comprehensively display the high-end intelligent manufacturing strength and cutting-edge achievements of scientific and technological innovation of minshi. While expanding the new space of the industry, minshi responded to the theme of this exhibition and worked with Chinese and foreign enterprises to build "intelligent new generation construction machinery"

5g remote driving, fully promote the intelligent operation of construction machinery

it was grandly launched in this exhibition. If you don't carefully scratch the metal plate, the 5g remote driving system is equipped with the latest on-board technology, which is specially designed for the research and development of construction machinery. It can solve the pain points of poor working environment, many safety hazards, difficult driver recruitment and high management and operation costs of construction machinery vehicles, and can free human beings from the dangerous and harsh environment, Help safe operation

5g remote driving system seamlessly splices 360 ° panoramic pictures around the vehicle, providing a 360 ° bird's-eye view for the driver in the remote cockpit and improving operation efficiency. At the same time, the system supports RTSP streaming media output, is compatible with customer remote operation, and no building insulation material can be used as a platform. In addition, based on the strong independent research and development ability of minshi, it can customize the remote driving system requirements of different customers

wireless on-board monitoring enables smooth outdoor operation.

large engineering vehicles for outdoor operation, such as long jib cranes, cranes, etc., must be commanded by personnel at the work site, but accidents cannot be completely eliminated, which especially requires on-board monitoring equipment to assist in operation and driving. At the same time, because these vehicles involve frequent expansion, rotation and other difficult operations, they are not very suitable for the installation of wired video monitoring products

the sensitive high-definition digital wireless monitoring system that will appear in this construction machinery exhibition can realize simple installation without loss. The wireless transmission distance is as far as 300 meters. Without the command of additional personnel, the driver can clearly see the lifting site, and then convert it to the computer screen to enlarge the situation after being photographed by the CCD camera, which greatly improves the construction efficiency and safety. At the same time, it is equipped with a rechargeable battery with a endurance of up to 9 hours, which perfectly meets the needs of outdoor long-time operation, and can provide drivers with a continuous, reliable and convenient on-board monitoring experience to ensure that outdoor operations are smooth and worry free

ai intelligent pedestrian detection and early warning help safe construction

construction machinery is often large in size and has a large blind area. An adult is only half as tall as its tire. It is difficult to avoid colliding with on-site operators and causing casualties only by relying on the rearview mirror of the vehicle itself and the driver's naked eye to observe the road conditions, as well as the "man to man" at the operation site

the latest intelligent pedestrian detection and early warning camera launched by minshi has a wide-angle field of view and a wide visual range, which can intelligently look down in real time to detect the vehicle blind area of 3M × Operators within 6m range shall be alerted by real-time video and audio, so that the driver can "know well", and actively remind the driver to pay attention to potential risks to avoid collision with on-site operators

blind zone radar detection, blind zone is no longer blind

the sensitive blind zone radar detection system is particularly suitable for the operation of excavators, mining trucks and other engineering vehicles. Such vehicles have complex working environment, potholes on the road, poor vision, and great threat of blind zone. There are great potential safety hazards and driving risks in both day and night operations

the blind spot radar monitoring system adopts 77GHz millimeter wave radar technology, with a detection distance of 40m and strong speed measurement ability, which can penetrate rain, fog and dust and is not affected by light intensity; It can accurately perceive the surrounding complex environment and superimpose the camera image; At the same time, it can provide real-time image and voice alarm, timely remind drivers to avoid obstacles, and reduce construction machinery accidents, economic losses and casualties

all in one, active safety warning

this Changsha construction machinery exhibition is also worth looking forward to the sensitive AI intelligent warning and video system. Construction machinery accidents such as forklifts and excavators are emerging one after another, and the causes are different. For example, forklifts and excavators are tall and have a large blind area; Improper management and command of construction fleet; Drivers' bad driving behavior is difficult to supervise. To eliminate the source of the accident, it is necessary to install multiple sets of on-board monitoring equipment, which is extremely expensive

however, at present, the sensitive AI intelligent early warning and video system can integrate 360 panorama, DMS, BSD, ADAS and other functions. A set of schemes can realize visual monitoring in the vehicle through intelligent means, real-time supervision of the driving process, identify and warn against illegal driving behaviors and driving risks, effectively reduce the vehicle accident rate, ensure personnel safety, improve the efficiency of transportation enterprises, supervision and operation, and reduce operating costs

in addition, it is worth mentioning that this system can be applied to the popular rental management scenarios at present, which can realize remote collection and payment. At the same time, it supports post video tracing, timely defines accidents or violations, and ensures that the rights and interests of the fleet are not infringed

replace the mirror with the screen and completely restore the driving scene

in this exhibition, minsight will also launch a 12.3-inch high-definition electronic rear-view mirror system. This system can solve the problem that logistics machinery vehicles such as long arm forklifts are easy to affect the driver's vision during operation due to their large and long arms, which is very easy to have many driving blind spots

the sensitive high-definition rear-view mirror system is composed of a display and two cameras. One camera is installed on the body and the other camera is installed on the arm of the car. The driver can intuitively perceive the situation of the surrounding blind area through the display in the cab, greatly improving the visual field and eliminating the threat of the blind area; At the same time, the camera has WDR function and is not afraid of light changes. Even if the environment of the operation site is complex, the driver can clearly grasp the conditions around the forklift and help safe operation

the rich and diverse construction machinery monitoring products and solutions brought this time will comprehensively and vividly display the latest technology and landing application of minshi in construction machinery, and bring visitors a more direct new experience of intelligent construction machinery monitoring equipment

if you want to know more about minshi's products, technologies and solutions, please come to booth w4-t036 of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 19 to 22 to try the innovative car experience brought by minshi on site

minshi booth No.: w4-t036

address: Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center

time: May 19-22, 2021

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