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As of 10 a.m. on February 1, China's plastic price index fell 2.38 points to 1042.66 points. The China Plastics spot index fell 0.49 points to 1135.64 points

first, upstream express:

New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) - March crude oil futures closed down $0.75, or 1.02%, at $72.89 a barrel. This week is the third consecutive week of decline in recent months. In London, Brent crude oil futures in March closed down $0.67, or 0.93%, at $71.46 a barrel, with an intraday trading range of 71 28 dollars

Asia styrene FOB to identify the quality of data under dynamic load, South Korea closed at US $per ton, down US $14.75 per ton from the previous trading day; CFR China close 1246 5 dollars/ton, down 123 dollars/ton from the previous trading day. The US styrene market closed 58 15 cents/pound, up 0.55 cents/pound from the previous trading day. European styrene FOB RadM closed 1184 5 dollars/ton, up 6 dollars/ton from the previous trading day

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Panjin Ethylene ABS unit continues to be shut down for maintenance. At present, there is no inventory, and the initial 510 external quotation is 12650 yuan/ton. The contract price in East China is 350 yuan/ton lower, and that in North China and Northeast China is 150 yuan/ton lower

CNPC North China ABS pricing is stable, with 0215a Tianjin warehouse priced at 14400 yuan/ton and 750A Tianjin warehouse priced at 14350 yuan/ton. Shandong warehouse is 50 yuan/ton higher than Tianjin warehouse. Beijing warehouse is 20 yuan/ton higher than Tianjin warehouse. Hebei warehouse is 40 yuan/ton higher than Tianjin warehouse. The recent sales are poor and the inventory is not much

the ex warehouse price of CNPC South China ABS is stable, with 0215a priced at 14400 yuan/ton and 750A priced at 14350 yuan/ton. Recent sales are OK, and the supply of goods is normal

easy to wear, the ex warehouse price of CNPC Huadong ABS is stable, with 0215a priced at 14400 yuan/ton, 750A priced at 14350 yuan/ton, and 301 priced at 14500 yuan/ton. The recent sales are normal and the inventory is not much

III. local market conditions:

ABS quotation of China Plastics spot mall, some brands have been adjusted, and the range is between yuan/ton. Abs/920/Malaysia reported 18700 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton; Abs/ag15a1/Ningbo Taihua reported 14900 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan/ton; The team inspected and repaired all kinds of waste materials recovered from other removal projects, abs/750nsw/South Korea Kumho reported 14950 yuan/ton, up 100 yuan/ton

the quotation of Dongguan ABS market fluctuates in a narrow range, and the transactions on weekends are general. The purchase cost of traders is high, and the mentality is acceptable. There is not much supply in the yard, and the demand of downstream factories is weak

Shunde ABS market offer basically stabilized. The negotiation atmosphere in the venue is weak, and there are not many transactions. Due to the high cost, the offer of merchants has been stable for many days. The overall demand is poor, and the on-site supply is normal

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