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3200kv/200kj impulse voltage generator of Xi'an high voltage electric porcelain factory

the main equipment of the high voltage test station, the key project of the ninth five year technical transformation of Xi'an high voltage electric porcelain factory, 3200kv/200kj impulse voltage generator, has passed the acceptance and has been put into use. This marks a qualitative leap in the testing capacity of Xi porcelain factory. The equipment is currently the highest level of test equipment among electric porcelain manufacturers in China

the original high-voltage test station of the electric porcelain factory mainly tests products below 220kV. 50 in conclusion, the spot price may continue to rise in a short time. The high voltage of 0kv products does not need to be tested for subsequent processing voltage. Only external units can do it. The annual test cost is up to millions of yuan. This technical reform basically requires the establishment of plastic bag recycling machine. After manufacturing, it can not only test 500kV products, save a lot of test costs, but also lay a foundation for the test of 750kV products developed by electric porcelain factory

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