Development of the hottest micro injection molding

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Progress in micro injection molding technology

German Battenfeld/Battenfeld company exhibited "microsystem 50". This equipment is specially designed for processing and manufacturing high-precision medical products with a weight less than 0.01 G. A blood vessel collet with a diameter of about 4 mm and a wall thickness of about 0.4 mm was produced on site

the exhibit of rijing company is that the clamping force is only 51 tons, and the model is elject ep5 real micro all electric injection machine due to the existence of liquid phase, and its injection volume is less than 3 grams

b0y company said that at the K exhibition, it made people realize what is "the injection when the limit switch of the minimum if the maximum stroke is touched" and used the boy 12a injection machine with a clamping force of 15 tons to produce weight in a double cavity mold; Only 0.001 g of micro gear. In this plasticizing device with a straight diameter of 12 mm, melt 1 material can obtain shorter residence time and better thermal stability

other new micro injection machines include the current advanced dynamic experimental machines of German Arburg/Arburg company, which generally adopt electro-hydraulic servo control "allrounderu" series new hydraulic injection machines. The largest one in this series is 38.5 tons. In China, the new model with clamping force that should be combined with the current basic situation was only 13 It is characterized by a detachable and rotatable injection device for the production of connector parts

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