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Development of hollow plastic molding machine and its process development (Part 2)

6 multi-layer co injection preform equipment multi-layer composite bottle is the development direction, and the development of multi-layer co injection preform equipment is the premise. The blow molding of multi-layer co injection bottles is basically similar to that of single-layer PET bottles, which can be carried out by single-layer blow molding hollow equipment

multi layer co injection bottles are specially developed for beer packaging, including three layers and five layers

7 injection blowing hollow plastic molding machine

injection blowing hollow plastic molding machine does not stretch the injection mold blank, but only blow molding the mold blank. It completes the production from raw materials to plastic bottles in a "one-step" on the same equipment. It has a high degree of automation, and is especially suitable for forming small hollow containers with complicated screw necks in large quantities. Injection blowing hollow plastic molding machine is a device that combines the injection molding machine with the blow molding mold of the hollow molding machine. Injection blow molding has many advantages, such as wide range of materials, high precision of formed bottle mouth thread, good sealing performance, high seamless strength of products, no leftovers and cost saving, which has been widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging bottle industry. The development direction of injection blowing hollow plastic molding machine is to shorten the molding cycle, improve the productivity of single-machine single-mode, reduce the downtime of mold change, improve the blowing speed, and optimize the heat transfer system to increase production

8 three-dimensional (3D) extrusion blow hollow plastic molding machine

three-dimensional (3D) extrusion blow hollow plastic molding machine is a newly developed equipment to meet the needs of molding hollow industrial parts with complex shapes. It is a kind of hollow molding with less waste or no flash. It mainly has the following advantages:

the requirements for clamping force are low, the workload of cutting edges is reduced, and there is no need to revise the outer surface of the molded products. The degradation probability of thermosensitive plastics during the molding process is significantly reduced. The three-dimensional (3D) extrusion blow molding process of hollow plastic is that after the parison is extruded, it is pre blown up and attached to one side of the mold wall, and the extrusion head or mold rotates in two or three axes according to the forming program. When the parison similar to the intestinal shape is filled with the mold cavity, the other side of the mold closes and wraps the parison tightly to separate it from the subsequent parison. At this time, the whole parison is blown up and attached to the wall of the mold cavity for molding

key points of developing three-dimensional (3D) extrusion blow hollow plastic molding machine: understand the new resin used for 3D catheter and its development trend, and the expansion of application field; Develop three-dimensional running mechanism and its control system; Develop the mechanism and head suitable for the plasticization of new resins; Actively digest and absorb foreign advanced technology, and develop three-dimensional (3D) extrusion blow hollow plastic molding machine from a high starting point

9 injection hollow plastic molding equipment

injection hollow plastic molding is a special hollow molding without blow molding. It is different from ordinary injection molding and extrusion molding in mold, control system, molding process, post-treatment, etc. the main advantages of molded products are: high product degree, high shape and surface quality, especially suitable for molding some industrial hollow products with complex shapes

injection hollow plastic molding equipment is developed in the following aspects:

mold sliding injection hollow plastic molding. Its principle is: first divide the hollow product into two parts, inject the two parts respectively to form semi-finished products, then slide the two parts of semi-finished products and the mold to the mating position, close the mold twice, inject plastic melt at the joint of the two parts of the product (secondary injection), and finally get a complete hollow product. Compared with blow molded hollow products, the hollow products formed by this method have high surface accuracy, high dimensional accuracy, uniform wall thickness and large design freedom. When manufacturing hollow products with complex shapes, the advantages of the mold sliding injection hollow plastic molding method compared with ultrasonic welding are that it does not need to take out the semi-finished products from the mold, so it can avoid the problem of the decline of the shape accuracy of the products caused by the cooling of the semi-finished products outside the mold, and avoid the problem of the strength decline of the fusion joint area caused by the local stress produced by the welding method.

the principle of half shell injection hollow plastic molding is: first, two half shells are produced by injection, and then the two half shells are welded together to form hollow products. The key of half shell injection molding of hollow plastic is the design of products. After the half shell products are taken out of the mold, cooled and welded, the accuracy of products can meet the requirements of eliminating the failure of force measuring piston. The intake pipe of automobile engine, automobile fuel tank, etc. can be molded by half shell injection of hollow plastic

the principle of fusible core injection hollow plastic molding is to use low melting point metal as the core of the injection mold to produce hollow plastic products with complex internal and external surface shape and precise internal dimensions. The key of this technology is that the core must not melt during plastic injection; The melt of the metal used as the core and the medium used to melt the core will not corrode the plastic; When the temperature of the molten core establishes the product standard system of coherent materials, the workpiece will not deform. Fusible core injection hollow plastic molding has been widely used in the field of all plastic

multi head integrated intake manifold of automobile engine. New applications include:

automobile water pump, centrifugal hot water pump, spacecraft oil pump, water pump propulsion wheel, etc.

10 electric hollow plastic molding machine

Electric hollow plastic molding machine is a product that needs to be actively developed. There are two types of electric hollow plastic molding machines: the driving mechanism is mainly electric, and the hydraulic or pneumatic drive is auxiliary; All electric drive (including servo electric drive and variable frequency electric drive). Energy saving is a theme in the expansion of hollow plastic molding machines, and electrification is the main way to save energy for hollow plastic molding machines

the key point of all electric extrusion blow molding machine is to replace hydraulic drive with high-efficiency electric drive, and replace traditional electric drive with energy-saving electric drive. The fully electric extrusion and blowing hollow plastic machine not only saves energy, but also reduces environmental pollution caused by noise and improves overall performance

the one-step "injection, pull and blow" hollow plastic molding machine is mainly used to shape beverage bottles, fruit juice bottles, infusion bottles, etc. in order to improve the self-cleaning of its products, it is necessary to develop an all electric drive device. The main key is to realize the full electric drive of rotary table mechanism, bottle blank molding clamping mechanism, pull blow synchronous clamping mechanism, injection plasticizing mechanism, etc

the main advantages of the full electric pull blow hollow plastic molding machine are: accurate positioning, fast speed, no vibration, high self-cleaning and high efficiency. To realize the full electric "one-step" pull blow hollow plastic molding machine, the main drive of the clamping mechanism is electric drive, for example, the elbow bar clamping mechanism is driven by the ball screw driven by the servo motor.

11 roto molding machine

has obvious advantages for roto molding of hollow shaped complex products that are difficult to be molded by other molding methods, especially in the chemical industry. All thermoplastic powder plastics can be roll molded and extended to the field of cross-linking and thermosetting plastics

the overall technology of roto molding machine is developing towards automation and high speed. In terms of heating mode, the development direction is from hot air circulation method and open fire heating method to oil jacket heating method, molten salt heating method and infrared heating method and other automatic control heating systems

development of multi-layer sun rolling front plastic hollow molding. Multi roll plastic fuel tank and multi-layer coextrusion fuel tank are competitive in terms of cost and performance

12 development of post-treatment equipment and process for hollow products

the development of post-treatment equipment and process for hollow products is directly related to the promotion and application of the host machine. Hollow products have their own particularity. For example, some hollow products have special requirements for barrier property, permeability resistance, chemical resistance, etc. in addition to adopting co extrusion multi-layer hollow products to meet their special requirements, some single-layer hollow products can also adopt special post-treatment process to meet their special requirements for performance. Some single-layer hollow products have low cost and can better adapt to the market. The post-treatment equipment and process of hollow products are mainly the treatment methods of the surface coating of products, mainly including physical method and chemical method. To improve the barrier property of single-layer PET bottles, only the post-treatment of products can improve its barrier property. For example, the plasma enhanced chemical vapor precipitation technology (hereinafter referred to as ACTIS) technology is used for single-layer PET bottles, and 0.1um highly hydrogenated amorphous carbon is coated in the bottle. The barrier property to oxygen is increased by 30 times, and the barrier property to co  2 is increased by 7 times. The taste of packaged beer is no different from that of glass packaging

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