The world's first air powered FRP car was born

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The world's first air powered FRP car was born

recently, Indian automaker Tata showed off an aerodynamic prototype car called airpod. This car is based on MDI technology of Luxembourg. The compressed air of the new engine is used as the power output, and the maximum speed is 45 ~ 70km/h. factor 2: the ball screw, which drives the motion of the sensor. In order to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, the body is made of glass fiber, and the engine power comes from compressed air. Therefore, the vehicle is very environmental friendly and will not produce any exhaust gas that pollutes the environment

ta because of its large amount and wide range of use, Ta has always hoped to manufacture a compressed air powered car. This idea was put forward several years ago, but it has not been commercialized. This time, the airpod will be officially sold at the end of this year, and the cooperation between Tata and MDI has also entered a new stage

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