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Market analysis on the processing of broken bottles and pieces of waste plastic bottles

waste polyester plastic products such as mineral water bottles appear in large numbers. In addition to mineral water, these products also include transparent oil bottles and cola beverage bottles. Because of their large volume and light weight, it is difficult to transport, so on-site processing is an economical and practical new way. Among them, crushing, cleaning and processing it into plastic fragments is the simplest and feasible way at present. In addition to removing fixed waste, it can also create economic benefits of about 300 yuan per ton, and the market prospect is very promising

I. overview

waste mineral water bottles are polyester plastic products. At present, there is no feasible recycling method in the market, but after crushing, cleaning and drying, they can be produced and processed into plastic fragments. It is an important raw material for tapping, and the current market price per ton is as high as more than 7000 yuan. In some waste plastic markets in Shandong, the supply of such products exceeds the demand, and some producers who rely on recycling and processing such plastics earn as much as 10000 yuan per year. Because this kind of plastic products are available in all seasons and are easy to produce, the market is very wide, which can ensure the stability of current and voltage. It is suitable for investment and production all over the country. Generally, there is an open space of 100 square meters

II. Technical know-how equipment and configuration of the testing machine

it mainly consists of five mechanisms: 45 type plastic crusher (equipped with 1.5 kW motor, output of 400 kg/h), washer (7.5 kW motor), feeder (4 kW motor), rinsing machine (3 kW motor), dryer (7.5 kW motor, output of 4000 kg/h)

III. production process flow

picking, impurity removal, crushing, processing, cleaning, stains, automatic feeding, rinsing, drying and packaging

IV. production cost analysis (calculated by one ton of production)

raw materials 5000 yuan/ton + electricity 1000 yuan + wages 800 yuan =6800 yuan

market price: =300 yuan

calculated by 3 tons per month: 300*3=900 yuan

calculated by 200 tons per year: 200**900=180000. The energy used accounts for about 12% of the national estimated total economic energy consumption in 2011

v. marketing suggestions

establish business contacts with local waste purchase departments and entrust them to purchase. Or in densely populated residential areas and scenic spots, fixed-point purchase

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