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Analysis of international pulp prices and the development of the publishing industry

we still have paper goods in stock and will not adjust their prices for the time being, but now the purchase price of new goods given to us by suppliers generally increases by 3% and 8%. A large shopping mall in Guangzhou told that after the inventory was digested, the household paper products in the mall would also adopt new prices. Previously, several large supermarkets in Guangzhou have increased the household paper of several brands by 10% to 20%

it was learned yesterday that the sharp rise in the price of upstream pulp has recently affected the downstream on a large scale, including household paper and paper. Lu yongsong, vice president of Guangdong Paper Industry Association, told yesterday that the worst thing this year is the publishing industry

phenomenon household paper rose by up to 20%

it was learned yesterday that Guangzhou PARKnSHOP, Carrefour, China Resources Vanguard, jizhidao and other large supermarkets have already received price increase notices from brand suppliers including Vida, Qingfeng, Kimberly Clark and so on. The roll of paper generally rose by 2 to 3 yuan per mention, with a maximum increase of about 20%. The staff of Vida paper Guangzhou Branch said that since this year, the price of the company's paper products has increased by stages, and some varieties have increased by more than 15%

recently, copy paper and packaging paper have also increased. The price of copy paper rose by about 10%, while that of wrapping paper rose even more. A stationery store in Guangzhou told that the price of a brand of copy paper was only about 118 yuan before, but now it is more than 130 yuan, and the price of homework books used by some students has also increased

the rise in the price of paper products has also significantly pushed up the purchase price of waste newspapers. Mr. Li, who is engaged in waste paper recycling business along Wenming road and Dezheng Middle Road, said that a kilogram of waste newspapers has increased by about 0.2 yuan in recent months, and now it has reached 0.7 yuan a kilogram

many manufacturers said that the price rise was due to the expected rise after the torque of upstream wood pulp raw materials was cleared. Earlier, Vida explained that the increase in the purchase price of 10% categories was mainly due to the rise in international pulp prices. It is reported that the cost of wood pulp accounts for about 60% of the total cost of paper towel manufacturing. At the same time, due to the lack of domestic wood resources, many paper-making enterprises use imported pulp as raw materials for paper-making. Therefore, the rise in the price of international wood pulp will inevitably lead to an increase in the cost of paper-making for enterprises

learned that after the sharp rise in paper prices in 2008, they began to fall in August of that year, and began to rebound and rise in April of last year, which has continued to this day. According to the provincial price monitoring center, in April this year, conifer bleached kraft paper (imported) was 7050 yuan/ton, an increase of 2.17% year-on-year; Bleached kraft paper from broad-leaved trees (imported) was 6450 yuan/ton, up 3.20% year-on-year. According to the statistics of China Customs, the price of imported pulp in Guangdong has increased by more than 30% in the first quarter of this year

reasons the international pulp supply and demand is tight, and some people take the opportunity to hype the price rise of

Terminal household paper, which has a certain lag. The paper used by manufacturing enterprises now should be waste paper purchased in February and March. Lu yongsong, vice president of Guangdong Paper Industry Association, said in an interview yesterday that at the beginning of this year, the price of paper raw material pulp soared to the highest level in history, higher than the highest level in 2008

according to insiders, last year, the international pulp price was 340 US dollars/ton, but this year, the international pulp price has reached nearly 1000 US dollars/ton, soaring 190% a year, with an amazing increase. In May, the international pulp price rose by another $3050/ton, and the prices of many varieties of pulp have exceeded the price highs in recent 10 years

why is the international pulp price rising? In this regard, LV yongsong analyzed that from the second half of last year to this year, with the economic situation at home and abroad improving, the international pulp prices have been rising. The reason for the rise is that supply exceeds demand. From the second half of 2008 to the first half of 2009, domestic and foreign countries encountered economic crisis, many pulp mills closed down, and the production volume suddenly decreased. However, since the second half of 2009, the domestic and foreign economy has improved, and the demand has increased, so the supply exceeds the demand

some insiders also pointed out that the strong earthquake in Chile also had a great impact on the global pulp price. This person believes that Chilean wood pulp accounts for about 8% of the world's total output. Because most of the wood pulp operators are located in Santiago, the capital in the southern part of the earthquake hit area, some production facilities have been closed, which further increases the price of wood pulp. However, most of the pulp raw materials of domestic paper enterprises depend on imports. Affected by the wood pulp price in the international market, the cost pressure of paper enterprises is gradually increasing

personally, I think someone is hyping. Yesterday, LV yongsong dismissed the sharp fluctuations in international pulp prices caused by the strong earthquake in Chile. He pointed out that Chile, especially engineering plastics, is one of China's major pulp suppliers. The strong earthquake in Chile certainly reduced the international pulp supply, but Chile's supply to China's paper market is only 1million tons per year, with an average of about 10 tons per month. In fact, this has little impact and influence

the biggest impact on the rise of paper. The profit of the publishing industry is under pressure.

the high price of pulp has a chain reaction to the whole industrial chain. As the rise of raw materials far exceeded the rise of terminal prices, many small and medium-sized paper enterprises in China had to close down. Analysts at CITIC Securities pointed out that compared with the pressure that leading enterprises can pass on the rising costs through price increases of advantageous paper varieties, some small and medium-sized paper enterprises are likely to be forced to close down because they are unable to bear the cost pressure, and this behavior will lead to tight supply of products, thus further pushing up the retail price of household paper

a large paper mill in Guangdong has lost hundreds of millions in the past two years. Zhang Yin's Nine Dragons Paper Industry made a profit in the second half of last year and was still losing money in the first half. The worst thing is the publishing industry. The price of printing paper is so high, and books and newspapers can't sell at a high price. Yesterday, an insider who declined to be named said

since the beginning of this year, the price of paper has increased by a certain margin, which has also led to a rapid rise in the cost of newspapers. It is understood that since January this year, the domestic paper industry has started a new round of price rise. Among them, the most obvious increase was in the price of paper, which was raised from the original 3950 yuan/ton to 5000 yuan/ton. Lvyongsong, vice president of Guangdong Paper Industry Association, told him that a newspaper group in Guangdong had recently come to him many times to complain that paper was too expensive and ask him for help

according to Mr. Zhang, the head of a printing center responsible for printing newspapers, the current paper price has risen from more than 4000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to nearly 5000 yuan/ton. On average, the cost of each newspaper is about to increase. The "plastic limit order" is not a mere penny in vain

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