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Analysis of the printing process of promissory notes and computer bills (Part 1)

bill printing products are closely related to our daily life. Finance, transportation, restaurants, scientific research fields and so on are inseparable from bills, especially the application of computer bills is increasingly widespread, such as supermarket collection tickets, taxi tickets, sports lottery tickets and so on. With the increasing printing volume and technical content of bills, the printing process requirements are also increasingly complex. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly grasp the technical characteristics and quality requirements of bill printing and scientifically arrange the technological process of bill printing

there are many kinds of commercial bills, which can be divided into promissory notes and computer tickets according to the way of use. Bill printing enterprises should reasonably arrange the production process, scientifically organize the production and strictly control the quality according to the characteristics of different moving parts

(1) production process

production operation single computer plate making - material preparation - Printing - matching pages and coding (tearing sheets or volumes) - finished product packaging and warehousing - delivery

(2) issuance of operation summons

operation summons is a guide for product processing, including printing number, paper variety, quantity, plate making requirements, etc. The operation voucher of bill printing has its particularity. In addition to the necessary columns of the routine printing operation sheet, it should also be detailed and clear, with necessary process instructions, such as the number of copies, ridge line, and coding position. Color, arrangement method, roller size, packaging requirements, etc. When issuing the operation summons, the printed sample sheet shall also be attached; If there are special requirements, they must be indicated in the remarks column to make the operators of each sequence clear at a glance

(3) plate making

bills are generally used in commerce, banking, post and telecommunications, transportation and other fields, such as contracts, receipts, invoices, etc. it is required that the text, specifications and dimensions of the plate making are absolutely accurate, and no overprint, dislocation and other errors are allowed. Therefore, the text must be accurate, and the marks and reference lines must be complete and accurate during plate making

promissory note printing process

in the printing of promissory notes, offset printing and embossing are the main printing processes. Among them, offset printing ink has uniform color and fine lines, which is mainly used for printing tables, words and shading; Relief printing is mainly used for number printing

due to the different specifications and varieties of promissory note printing, for the printing of a large number of bills, and the size of the printed bills is suitable for web printing, the rotary offset printing machine can be preferred, and the printing is completed through the processes of page allocation, marking, tearing, etc; Small batch promissory notes are usually printed by a single color or two-color small offset printing machine with a printing format of 450mm x 370mm. No matter what kind of equipment, its process is similar. The production of promissory notes can be reasonably arranged according to the size of the finished product, the cost of raw materials, the production cycle and the use status of printing equipment

in the printing of promissory notes, it is necessary to first determine the printing color of each sheet, whether there is printing color on the back of the sheet, whether it needs to be coded, whether the ridge line is printed, and whether the bill is single sheet or multi sheet, with good repeatability, and then reasonably select the forward or backward numbering machine and arrange the printing and brushing sequence, otherwise unnecessary processes such as page inversion will be added due to the wrong selection of the numbering machine and the wrong printing color sequence. When printing multiple bills, we can also consider using multiple machines to cooperate with printing, so as to improve production efficiency

there are many printing processes of promissory notes, and the degree of mechanization is low. Most of the processes are still completed manually, so the randomness of quality is relatively strong. Therefore, it is necessary to add necessary quality monitoring points before manual paging, cutting and packing of finished products, strengthen product quality inspection, and avoid unqualified products leaving the factory

printing process of computer bills

there are many kinds of computer bills, including roll type, perforated, non perforated, and different sizes. The bills without holes printed by the rotary machine are generally torn and cut into single bills, which are now less and less; Computer continuous bills with holes and roll bills are increasingly used. Therefore, the reasonable arrangement of computer bill technology is particularly important in enterprises

1. continuous bills with holes

continuous bills with holes, commonly known as commercial bills, generally use carbon free carbon paper. In order to ensure product quality, we should do: first, material selection is very important. The paper of different manufacturers has different printability because of its different technical parameters. Especially when using the paper of different manufacturers in multi copy printing, it is difficult to identify the color rendering effect of carbon free paper after it has problems; Due to the different coating thickness of the pressure-sensitive layer of the paper produced by various manufacturers and the inconsistent expansion rate of the paper, pages cannot be matched and the printed matter will be scrapped. Therefore, it is best to cooperate with material manufacturers with reliable quality, which is conducive to timely communication and adjustment of paper suitability

second, bill printing requires high temperature and humidity. Generally, the temperature should be controlled at 18-25~c, and the humidity should be controlled at 50-80%. In the workshop without constant temperature and humidity devices, the printed products should be wrapped in plastic bags in time, and the pages should be allocated immediately. The storage time should not be too long, so as to prevent the expansion of the paper caused by the changes of temperature and humidity from affecting the product quality

third, bill form printing is the most important link in process control. Form offset printing should control the ink balance and printing pressure, and clean the PS version, blanket and paper roller in time to ensure the ink color. Our conclusion is that the layout is not dirty, and it is more important to control the quality from some details. Since the bill form I

is generally a multi link product, each group of bills is basically composed of realizing the controllable conversion of electromagnetic waves from absorption and transmission within a specific frequency band, and putting down the paper or putting up, middle and putting down the paper, which requires high accuracy of multi link overprint to ensure the same length between links. Tension control is also important. Even for the same kind of paper, changing discarded plastic waste and waste wood has also become a major headache for countries. When rolling, the tension should be re measured and corrected in time to maintain the stability of the tension; For different papers, according to the tension nature of the paper, the printing tension that is not easy to adjust should be printed first, and then the printing tension of the subsequent links can catch up with the printing tension of the previous links. The overprint accuracy is controlled by the paper tension control device of the printing machine. Note printing machines are often equipped with a measuring ruler with holes, which can measure the paper tension. At the same time, the quality of bills will be affected by whether the size of each link is equal, whether the hole edge to the edge of the paper is 4mm, the depth of the ridge line, and whether the hole is penetrated. It must be strictly controlled in the production process

fourth, coding and page matching is the last process of computer bill production, which is generally completed on the page matching machine. The page matching machine works by rotating the tooth disc to drive the table hole, which can generally complete the page matching work within 8 copies. Check frequently in page numbering; Whether the d number is correct, and pay attention to the marking color. Coding position, etc. (to be continued)

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