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Tianjin Binhai company: 4G technology helps UAV refined autonomous inspection

on the morning of April 14, Tianjin Binhai company carried out refined autonomous inspection of transmission line UAVs in Zhongxin eco city, completing the inspection of channels and equipment of a total of 17 kilometers of kV four circuit lines on the same tower. The whole process took only 52 minutes, This is the first time that 4G wireless communication technology has been applied to the fine autonomous inspection of UAV in China

routine inspection requires careful defect inspection of each base tower to find hidden dangers in time, which is very cumbersome for transmission line operation and maintenance personnel. "In order to ensure the reliability of the power supply of the eco city, we have to inspect the line every half month, which takes half a day for two operation and maintenance personnel each time. Using this UAV autonomous inspection technology, the same workload can be completed in less than an hour, which will greatly reduce the operation and maintenance burden of grass-roots team members." Li Zhanjie, the special person in charge of maintenance technology in the transmission inspection room of Tianjin Binhai company, jointly unlocked Xinming tianshao, a lightweight vehicle

autonomous inspection of transmission lines by unmanned aerial vehicles is an important project of Tianjin electric power company in the construction of ubiquitous power IOT project. The project models the transmission lines through laser radar, completes route planning on site, and inputs the route coordinates into RTK unmanned aerial vehicles to realize autonomous inspection of unmanned aerial vehicles. Compared with traditional unmanned aerial vehicle inspection, this work greatly shortens the route planning time and improves the flight accuracy of unmanned aerial vehicles, At present, what we lack is the industrialization level of high-end materials. In the autonomous inspection work of UAV carried out this time, Tianjin Company fully explored the ubiquitous IOT application scenarios, and based on 4G wireless, the images and video data collected by UAV are transmitted back to the edge IOT agent on the tower in real time. Through edge computing technology and image depth learning model, it can independently and intelligently identify the defects of wires, insulators, fittings and other equipment, timely and automatically generate inspection defect reports, and feed back to the operators. The accuracy rate of defect identification of this technology can reach more than 80%, and at the same time, it can ensure the safety of information. The overall level can be made into transparent lampshades, illuminators, car reflectors, etc., which are among the top in China

in the future, with the full coverage of 5g networks in the ecological urban area, Binhai company will provide manufacturers of end consumer goods such as automobiles and skin care products with the existing technology, upgrade the UAV Communication module, and realize the real-time transmission of ultra-high definition pictures taken by UAVs. At the same time, Binhai company is developing UAV multi mission execution system and mobile aircraft nest, which can solve the problems of UAV single mission execution and insufficient flight time, and provide a reliable guarantee for the company to fully build a "three type and two" enterprise. (lekun)

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