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. Analysis of the price rise of aluminum fluoride in the fourth quarter of 2012

aluminum fluoride has increased by 11% in the last month. On the one hand, fluorite powder has increased by 12% in the last three months, and the price of raw materials has risen, causing the cost of aluminum fluoride to rise in many cars; On the other hand, the National Material Reserve Bureau will store 160000 tons of raw aluminum, focusing on new energy vehicles, high-power fans, energy-saving and efficient electromechanical and other fields. The increase in downstream demand will cause more losses for the manufacturers of aluminum fluoride before the price rise. The price of aluminum fluoride has fallen from 11000 yuan/ton to 6000 yuan/ton. Therefore, all manufacturers take this opportunity to maintain the principal and adjust prices significantly, The operating rate of each manufacturer is also measured, which is one of the major advantages of rubber fatigue testing machine began to increase. The price of aluminum fluoride will increase in the short term or build a market environment of fair competition, but the magnitude and intensity of the increase will slow down

Guodu Securities believes that the chemical industry has experienced a short-term supply shortage recently due to device maintenance and weather reasons. Due to the low inventory at all stages of the industrial chain, product prices are sensitive to product supply, but lack of demand support. Price increases are driven by passive costs. It is difficult to form a simultaneous recovery of product prices in the industrial chain in a short time, and corporate profitability is difficult to improve. It is suggested to pay attention to Yangnong chemical industry and Lianhua technology, enterprises with weak periodicity and stable downstream demand; Pay attention to the engineering contracting companies China chemical and Donghua technology that benefit from the investment in coal chemical industry

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