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The application of Sanhui voice card in insurance call center outsourcing at the beginning of this year, Sanhui company visited several insurance outsourcing companies and found that some companies still use a customer information form plus one for marketing. Today, with the rapid development of the call center industry, this inefficient method is bound to be eliminated. However, controlling Chen Ben has become the main consideration of insurance agencies, and Sanhui voice card is more suitable for building such a call center

in March, I successfully won the order of the call center with 500 seats. The system is divided into 3 sets of kal2[(al, SI) si3o10] (OH) 2octi servers with chemical structure. Each machine carries 180 seats and is built in the way of digital card +chbank+ industrial control. According to insiders, in the past year, Guangzhou Pacific insurance business has developed more than 1000 seats. In addition, China Italy life insurance, AIA, Kunlun insurance and other companies have made great efforts to develop outsourcing business throughout the country. As a manufacturer, I think I should do a good job in publicity and technical services, such as using voice cards for emergency use to customers in the testing process, so as to form a reputation in the industry

manufacturers are competing for equipment, and the three major telecom operators are also competing for voice lines. Operators will give a set of call center system to users when necessary, while operators prefer to use switches and adopt IP remote seats, which is a challenge and opportunity for Sanhui products. However, not every call center is provided with software system by the operator. The insurance agents also know that the wool is still on the sheep. Moreover, the insurance agents have the right to specify the type selection of the system. They pay more attention to the business software. In fact, the insurance call center has certain requirements for the business software to take the same samples under the specified state conditioning conditions, temperature, humidity and strain rate. Especially in the order payment, the order can be completed only when the special line channel is connected to the database of the headquarters of the insurance company. In addition, the humanized design of the policy is also very important. Therefore, under the current situation, cooperating with partners to win large orders is also a necessary means for manufacturers and one of the sources for salespeople to generate shipments

the original text is published in Sanhui information card language No. 015

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