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Application of sensors in intelligent remote monitoring system for pumping wells

most oil wells in the oil field are distributed in various oil production fields. The monitoring and control of oil well working conditions has always been an important and difficult content in the oil production field. Most oil wells are regularly inspected by oil well inspectors or maintenance workers. With the continuous improvement of the modern management level of the oil field, the early inspector mode has been gradually replaced by the unattended oil well. With the development of industrial control technology around the new requirements of new energy vehicles, automobile lightweight, automobile interior, automobile seats, automobile structure and size design, wireless remote control and telemetry system has also been widely used in domestic oil wells. In this system, configuration software and wireless technologies, such as low density, low activity rate, high adsorption, high mixing and weak, are used to reduce the environmental pollution during the production of petrochemical raw materials. The wireless telemetry and remote control host of the system transmits the detected status of a single oil well to the monitoring center through GPRS or CDMA, so as to realize the centralized monitoring of the status of each single well and reduce personnel investment, The time for oil well fault detection and removal is shortened, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. WB series electric quantity isolation sensors are widely used at the RTU end of the system. The main sensors are briefly described below

1. Power supply monitoring of pumping wells (three-phase voltage and current input, RS485 output) the tensile fatigue life of steel isolating bolts specially designed for electrical equipment of pumping wells is reduced by 40% (6) 0% and the intelligent sensor of release combined parameters replaces the analog transmitter. Its detection signal is AC 3-phase voltage and 3-phase current; The output contents include 3 voltage (effective value), 3 current (effective value), active power, reactive power, power factor, active kwh, reactive kWh and frequency data. The unit value of the required electrical parameter data can be obtained by the communication interface, and no AC sampling by RTU is required

2. The special fixed load sensor (range: 0 ~ 150kn; output sensitivity: 1mvv) has been continuously improved after more than ten years of use in oil production plants; Fully sealed waterproof design, meeting all-weather use; Optimize plug to improve reliability; Easy and safe operation; The output is consistent and completely interchangeable

3. Pressure sensor (range: from 0~10kpa to 0~500mpa, output: standard two-wire system)

this product is a combination of solid-state integration process and isolation diaphragm technology by using imported oil filled isolation components or integral stainless steel strain pressure conductors. The diffused silicon chip is installed in a cylindrical cavity filled with silicon oil, which is separated from the measuring medium through stainless steel diaphragm and shell. The product can work in harsh environment

4、 Angular displacement sensor (measuring range: 0~100, 0~180, 0~270, 0~340[continuous output V)

this product is a sensor for measuring the rotation position of objects with the linear relationship between voltage output and shaft rotation angle. It is characterized by high precision, long service life, good output smoothness, etc.

5. Temperature sensor (wellhead temperature PT1000 resistance output)

imported PT1000 package; Static pressure resistance greater than 30MPa; Fast temperature response time; The shape of the sensor can be determined according to the user's requirements; Operating temperature: -50 ℃ ~+400 ℃, accuracy class A

6. Infrared dual monitoring (three monitoring alarm sensor)

the high-performance dual window detector, which integrates the highest technology in the security field, is composed of master-slave dual group high-precision passive infrared detection devices, anti glare circuits and fuzzy logic digital cores. It has a waterproof shell and beautiful shape

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