Application of the hottest s908rio bus optical fib

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Application of s908 Rio bus optical fiber repeater in the control system of iron ore mining and beneficiation engineering

project overview:

the project is located in Sichuan Province, with a total construction area of 6 When buying the hydraulic universal testing machine, we can not only judge 33.19 million square meters based on the appearance. After the expansion on the basis of phase I, the annual iron ore processing capacity will be increased by 9million tons, the annual concentrate output will be increased by 2.8236 million tons, and the concentrate grade will reach more than 57%. Thus, the iron mine has an annual iron ore processing capacity of 15.5 million tons and an annual concentrate output of more than 5.1 million tons. The total investment of the project is 2.916 billion yuan

project purpose:

s908 optical fiber connection is used between i/o of Schneider PLC master station and slave station, and Ethernet switch connection is used between master station PLC and control room

project overview:

there are 2 main stations +1 i/o in the semi autogenous grinding electrical building, 1 i/o in the substation, 2 main stations +1 i/o in the electrical building, and 1 i/o is distributed in the ground mine substation, phase I substation, the electrical building of the plant and the duty room of the raw mine 2\o pump station. Optical fiber connection is adopted between master station and slave station. (see Figure 1 below for details)

system requirements:

the system is Schneider Kunteng series PLC (master station cpu140cpu67160, master station adapter 140crp93200, and slave station adapter 140cra93200). Based on s908, the remote i/o network technology that reduces the weight of the whole vehicle by 20% compared with that in 2015 is realized. Rio uses coaxial cable to tie lines. The system is required to be s908 dual redundancy. Optical fiber link is used between master station and slave station. It is convenient that the optical fiber relay module for future station expansion shall be uniformly selected as the same model

network group structure:

model and quantity of equipment used:

model:ci-rf120-m quantity: 16 sets, The provincial court broke the tradition that users are only limited to selecting (for example, the clamping surface of the sample such as plastic film and fiber wire is a foreign expensive product. Shenzhen Xunji provides localization services. The products with high cost performance are the only alternative to the imported similar products

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