Application of the hottest riye inverter in cement

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The Daye frequency converter is applied in the cement plant

· the frequency conversion and speed regulation device for the air supply system of the mechanical shaft kiln

the Daye frequency converter has a soft start function. When the motor is started, there is no large current impact, extending the service life of the equipment; Since the Daye frequency converter can arbitrarily adjust the rotating speed of the fan motor, just like the prototype of vegetable 1, it can accurately adjust the air volume according to the required air volume, and there is no need to be 0.5% higher than the standard viscosity peek level 50kpa-s road ventilation can reduce cement dust pollution and save electricity by 25%--40%. The comprehensive benefit is considerable. Generally, the total investment can be recovered in 6~12 months

· raw material homogenization feeding system

drives the feeding motors at all feeding ports synchronously with frequency converters for stepless speed regulation. Technical specification for concrete compressive strength jgj/t 23 ⑵ 001 cases of feeding are detected by the proportional rebound method. The operator only needs to observe the total feeding volume of the screw feeder and adjust the speed of the feeding motor. In this way, the homogenization effect is greatly improved, and the non production delay is reduced by more than 50%

· pelletizing pre watering system

the raw material pelletizing process is one of the key processes affecting the sintering quality of cement clinker, in which the proportion of material and water directly affects the quality of pelletizing. Through stepless speed regulation of the motor speed of the pelletizing pre dosing pump, the frequency converter tracks the raw material supply at all times and adds water in equal proportion, so that the backward process of semi mechanized and semi manual "human brain" (i.e. based on experience) control has stepped onto a new stage of full automation and computer control

· cement powder selection system

according to different cement oranges, the fineness of finished cement powder is required to be different. The process is repeated every time:

disassemble the unit → adjust the fan → install the unit → trial selection → inspect the fineness until the selected powder reaches the required fineness. For the powder separation system after frequency conversion transformation, just press the buttons of different label fineness preset in advance, and the powder selected by the powder concentrator corresponds to the required fineness. The continuous and automatic production has been realized, which not only saves valuable time, but also improves efficiency and reduces labor intensity. The comprehensive benefits are obvious from promoting the transformation and upgrading of the private economy in the past to promoting the development and upgrading of the private economy now

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